10 Simple Steps to Clean Your Car

10 Simple Steps to Clean Your Car
10 Simple Steps to Clean Your Car

10 Simple Steps to Clean Your Car

Cleaning your car shouldn’t be such a hassle for you. To clean your car you can either choose to for a basic body and wheel clean or you can choose a full interior car clean and an exterior car clean as well to give it the look of a professional car cleaning. Before you begin washing your car, you need to assess the state of your car and this would point the direction in which you would want to commence the cleaning of your car. The cleaning of your car could be steam cleaning, waxing, and basic washing depending on the condition of your car or all three to give it the look of a professional car cleaning.

Washing your car is a good way to ensure the longevity of its body and the good news is that you do not need to spend a huge chunk to do that as this can be a DIY (do it yourself) task. Here are 10 simple steps to clean your car and how to clean upholstery in your car;

  1. Preparing your car for washing; it is advisable to not wash your car if the body of the car is hot from it sitting in the sun. Drive the car into a shade and wait for it to cool before you commence your car cleaning. Then ensure you have all your supplies needed for washing the car handy. You would need soaps, buckets, and car wax, steam cleaning machines for car, vacuum cleaner, glass cleaner, carpet cleaner, rags and standard interior car cleaning products.
  2. Rinse the car with a hose; First of all, start by rinsing the entire exterior body of your car thoroughly with water before applying soap to wash. Rinsing your car thorough with a hose ensures the removal of lose dirt and debris from your car and his ensures that scratching your car is avoided. After you have thoroughly rinsed your car, begin washing your car by starting from top to bottom and ensure that you work on one section at a time. Furthermore endeavor to thoroughly rinse each section before going to the next, this ensures that the soap doesn’t dry on your car.
  3. Clean the wheels; Confirm that the wheel cleaner you are using on your wheels is safe for all wheels surface. Start by cleaning your wheel one at a time; apply a de-greaser on your wheel before you commence cleaning your wheels with the wheel cleaner. Once you are done with the wheels rinse it thoroughly and dry with a rag and then move on to the next wheel.
  4. Waxing your car; apply wax on your car in a straight up and down motion avoid applying the wax n a circular motion. Apply wax gently and with light pressure to ensure even distribution of the wax on the car body. Then use a buffing towel to buff the wax and this should likewise be done in a straight upward and downward movement. This gives your car the look of a professional car cleaning touch
  5. Cleaning your car interior; Regardless of how careful you are using your car, the interior can get dirty and soil over time if not duly cleaned regularly. Steam cleaning machines are great for removing soiled stains from your car interior. And using a steam cleaner to clean your car interior. So ensure that you are making use of the best car interior cleaning product so as to avoid using harmful substances that may otherwise ruin your car interior. Firstly, remove the floor mats from your car, shake of the accumulated debris and vacuum.
  6. Cleaning your carpets; most times when people clean their carpets with a car carpet cleaner, they unknowingly refer to it as steam cleaning, but that is untrue. First start by vacuuming the upholstery of your car to ensure that dirt are removed, then attached a bristle to your steam cleaner the bristle attached ensures that the carpet and is agitated which would further bring out lose dirt.
  7. Cleaning your seat; your car seat isn’t absolved of getting stained and is a vital aspect of car interior cleaning. Using your steam cleaner with the bristle brush attached, steam cleaning your seats, making overlying passes, advancing promptly so the steam doesn’t collect in one place and staying long enough to ensure that it is moist. Furthermore, there are shampoos for car seats that can be used, make sure that you brush slightly so you don’t end up ruining your seats.
  8. Cleaning the widows: You can use any car interior cleaning product to perform this. Spray the cleaner onto a clean rag and then thoroughly clean the inside and outside of your window doing this in a straight upward and downward motion. Roll down your glass and up again while cleaning to ensure that each section is thoroughly cleaned.
  9. Cleaning the dashboard; you can use car wipes to perform this task. If in the event you do not have car wipes then an all-purpose car cleaning product would do. Spray glass cleaner into the cup holder section of your car; allow settling for about five minutes and wiping off with a paper towel or dry rag.
  10. Re-vacuum your car; this guarantees the removal of dirt and debris that may have been knocked over while cleaning your car interior. Use and odor removal or air freshener o freshen the air in and around your car.

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