7 Simple Window Cleaning Tips

7 Simple Window Cleaning Tips
7 Simple Window Cleaning Tips

7 Simple Window Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your windows can be a drag. And often, we don’t know the best way to clean windows. We’ve heard about many different methods and many different glass cleaning products over the years so, what is the best way to clean windows? Here’s a few simple tips on how to clean house windows:

1- Window cleaner products A spray on window cleaner may not be your best option, putting window cleaner solution into a bucket and using a mop type cleaner is the best way to go. You want the right consistency so you have enough cleaning solution to wet and clean the window, but not too much that you can’t dry it easily. If the consistency isn’t correct then, it’ll spread onto the frames and there will be runs on the window. Whether you use commercial or DIY products, remember to keep this in mind.

2- DIY window cleaner The best homemade window cleaner you can use is one-part white vinegar to two parts water, it’s as easy as that! Using a homemade window cleaner not only saves you money but allows you to stay away from harsh chemicals. Homemade window cleaning solution is growing in popularity as people focus on using a more natural window cleaner.

3- How to make glass cleaner Not sure how to make DIY glass cleaner? There’s a slightly different recipe for natural glass cleaner: 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol 1/2 cup water 1 tablespoon vinegar.

4- How to clean windows with newspaper Cleaning windows with newspaper can give you great results; using paper on windows is common but it needs to be done right. Generally, when you clean windows with newspaper, you use it after you’ve applied the solution, for cleaning and drying the windows. Use the black-and-white pages in a Z-shaped motion to dry the window completely.

5- Cleaning an outdoor window Outdoor windows generally have more dust and dirt than inside ones, so they require a bit more elbow grease. Whether you’re using a DIY or commercial product, you may have to leave the window cleaner solution on the window for a few minutes before removing it, as well as repeating the process several times.

6- Use a microfibre cloth Microfibre cloths can be used for both removing excess dust at the start of cleaning the window. As well as at the end of the process, to dry the windows. They easily pick up excess dust and dirt and will leave your windows streak free when using them to dry the windows.

7- How to get water marks off glass Sometimes windows will be stained with hard

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Water stains

or mineral deposits. These stains are stubborn and require commercial products to be removed. Generally, a hard water stain remover will do the trick, just ensure that you follow the product instructions. If you’re looking for the best window cleaning service in Adelaide and window cleaning online quote, please keep in touch with us to view our window cleaning price list. We provide affordable window cleaning services in Adelaide, including: window cleaning equipment, glass polishing and much more. Contact us today to get a price list for cleaning windows.