8 Steps to Getting a 100% Bond Refund

8 Steps to Getting a 100% Bond Refund
8 Steps to Getting a 100% Bond Refund

8 Steps to Getting a 100% Bond Refund

If you are planning to relocate, as a tenant you should do a few steps first. To get all your bond back, it’s important to do a “Bond Back Cleaning” or “Exit Cleaning” before you leave. Here are a few steps to get your bond back as a tenant if you are moving out.

  1. Examine the report prior to applying for a bond refund

You have to examine the house room by room before signing the lease. This will help you to get a refund for your bond. The reduction in the price of the property depends upon the condition of the house. You must check the entire property carefully before signing the bond.

  1. List the damages wisely and carefully

Not all losses that you will count will be in fact regarded as damage. Make sure that you have noted down the broken things on the list so that you don’t have to pay a lot for the repairs.

  1. Get a quote from your property manager

You have to get in contact with your property manager regarding the damage. A few will be fixable. Your property manager will give you a better idea about this. We at Like Clean provide the end of lease cleaning services which will ensure that every part of your house is examined and analyzed before signing a bond.

  1. Get in touch with us

Like cleaning will not only provide the end of lease cleaning services but will provide services such as carpet cleaning, domestic cleaning, commercial cleaning, office cleaning and window cleaning as well. Our end of lease cleaning services will make sure that you get a clean kitchen, clean carpets, clean laundry rooms and clean bedrooms as well.

  1. Move out of the house within the due date

We at Like Clean will help you move out by being with you at every step of the moving. We will make sure that everything is settled down and repaired before you walk out.

  1. Return the keys and household items

Make sure that you give the keys and household items to your property manager before leaving the house. It will be a lot of help in getting your bond back, and no claim can be made by any third party who will shift in the house later on.

  1. Be a part of the final inspection of the home

Be a part of the last examination yourself. This will make sure that no false claim is caused by the landlord or the property manager in the damages done in the house. If any wrong application is created, you can consult your lawyer, and the legal system will sort it out.

  1. Get some knowledge about the bond claiming process

Having know-how about the legal and financial system will be helpful in dealing with the bond refunding process.


Like Cleaning services in Steps to get your bond

General cleaning / All rooms

We at Like Clean Service Group provide efficient and effective End of lease cleaning services for every room of your house whether it is the drawing room or the bedroom. We clean the Air conditioners by washing the filters and vents which are loaded with dust particles. We use the vacuum cleaning techniques for cleaning the Carpets. Dusting and wiping dirt off your Ceiling fans will be our worry. No cobwebs will be left non-cleaned. We scour the Cupboards by vacuuming and mopping the shelves & facing panels. We clean the doors as well as the Power sockets and light switches. If you have a non-carpeted floor, we will be sweeping and mopping it to clean it thoroughly. We will wipe and clean your light fittings and Skirt boards including architraves. We clean the walls by removing any light marks with light sponging using a technique called spot cleaning. We clean the windows and glass inside and out. We wipe the dust and clean the sills as well. We wash the window tracks as well. Fly screens are lightly brush off with a soft brush to clean them as well. Mirrors are cleaned as well. A blind dusting is one of our essential services as well. Blinds with heavier dust/dirt will require washing so we have a team do experts who will clean them thoroughly.

Kitchen Cleaning

Our end of lease cleaning services also includes the kitchen services. In these services, we clean the drawers and cupboards using the vacuum and wipe clean techniques. We clean the exhaust fan by dismantling and decreasing it and cleaning it. Sink cleaning and removing any soap residue from it is our main priority. Stoves do get a lot of dirt and need cleansing now and then. So we efficiently clean your furnaces, burners, grill, drip trays, inside the oven, range hood, and everything associated with cooking and stove in your kitchen. Taps cleaning and polishing are also a part of our services.  We clean your Bench tops making them all shiny and crystal clear.

Laundry Cleaning

Our end of lease cleaning service providers makes sure that we clean all your drawers and cabinets of your laundry using the vacuum and wipe clean techniques. We make sure that we clean everything thoroughly. We clean the sinks/basin used in the wash as well and make every effort to clean and remove any stains, or soap residue present there. Cleaning and polishing the taps are also a part of our services.

Bathroom Cleaning

Our Bathroom cleaning services are excellent, and clients have always been happy and content with our work. We provide Shower/bath/tiling cleaning services where we clean the wall tiles, screen, shower recess, and bathtub. We do the vacuum and the wiping cleaning, making sure that your drawers and cabinets are clean and free of fungus, insects, and dirt as well. Sinks do get a lot dirty as a lot of stuff goes into them. We clean and remove any stains or soap residue in the drains to make sure that they are free of fungus growth and dirt. We clean the taps and make sure that they polish and shine as well. Our team of experts cleans the toilets thoroughly inside and out making sure that all the dirt, dust and fungus goes away. Last but not the least; we make sure that your mirror is clear and shiny as we clean it with all our hearts.