All you need to know about Bond Cleaning

All you need to know about Bond Cleaning
All you need to know about Bond Cleaning

All you need to know about Bond Cleaning

Moving to a new house or office is exciting and marks a new beginning. However, when you decide to shift, bond cleaning is something you can’t miss out on lest getting back your bond will become problematic. Bond cleaning is also known as exit cleaning. It is required of you to clean the house and leave it in a better state before you vacate. Only when you do this will your property manager or real estate agent be ready to give back the bond.

You might have to juggle doing multiple chores. For example, you have to pick products for your new place and shift your belongings. So there will be many things happening that will leave you with little to no time for bond cleaning.

Don’t worry. We have got you covered. You can make a checklist and clean the place yourself or simply hire a professional bond cleaner. Let’s know more about bond cleaning, shall we?

Is cleaning necessary at the end of the lease?

Cleaning is necessary at the end of the lease. Otherwise, it would be difficult to get back your bond. You might also face some serious troubles. For example, you can lose your entire bond amount, or the landlord might cut out a significant chunk of it.

Such critical circumstances leave you with the only option of implementing bond cleaning. Cleaning the entire place before vacating might sound like a tedious task, but it gets easier with a proper checklist in place.

Bond Cleaning Checklist

Whether you decide to DIY or opt for a cleaning service, get a checklist ready. First, sort down the cleaning areas.


Cleaning your kitchen should be at the top of your checklist. It is a place you can’t go without cleaning. While you are at it, remember to clean the window tracks and cupboards.

Pro Tip: Clean the oven and cupboards first. You do not want to clean the outer space and then clean the inner spots, only for the dust to accumulate in the outer space. It just doubles up the workload.


The bathroom needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Buy proper disinfectants and other necessities and deep clean your bathroom. Remember to clean the sink, mirror, toilet and bath.

Pro Tip: Keep this last in your checklist, as cleaning the bathroom involves more work and time.

Other Rooms

Once you are done with the kitchen, start cleaning the other rooms. The three main things to do while scouring the rooms are to remove dirt outside AC units, skirting boards and window sills. These are the spots that often go unnoticed.

Pro Tip: Along with vacuuming and washing floors, remember to get rid of cobwebs for the place.


If you wonder which place accumulates more dust and dirt, it is probably your garage. So make sure you don’t leave it out of your checklist.

Pro Tip: Remove stains and cobwebs, and sweep the entire area.


Often, outdoor spaces are left uncleaned. It could become a significant hindrance when the real estate agents check. So throw away the wastes lying around and get to trimming the edge and weeding.

Pro Tip: If you always hire someone to clean your garden/lawn, you should contact them. Even otherwise, hiring professionals help.

Swimming Pool

If you have a swimming pool, clean out the pool and remove litter and debris.

Pro Tip: Check your agreement for any additional requirements/conditions to clean the pool.

Things you’d like to know about the areas of bond cleaning and price factors

Bond Cleaning Service

What are the important areas to clean?

Whichever room you decide to vacuum or mop, clean a few critical areas as they deserve thorough cleaning. These include carpets, walls, door windows, skirting boards, fans, and ceilings.

Price Range for Bond Cleaning

It isn’t easy to do the cleaning yourself with multiple things happening. Most people do not have the time to clean, and others don’t want to do it. Either way, you can opt for professional home cleaning Melbourne.

The cost varies because of different factors but is way more affordable than you think. For example, the average pay could be somewhere between $250 and $400. So yes, it is entirely within your budget.

There are a few factors that affect the cost.

Factors that affect the cost

  •       Size – The size of your apartment or studio determines the cost. The larger the size, the more expensive it is going to be.
  •       Services Needed – You can avail of different services, but some do not come in the package. When you need certain special services of such kind, you might have to pay more.
  •       Location – The cost varies greatly depending on the place. If you live in an expensive area, the payment will be pretty high. So the end of lease cleaning Adelaide and end of lease cleaning Melbourne will cost you differently.

Advantages of Professional Cleaning

Apart from an affordable cost, professional cleaning services come with many benefits.

Bond Back Guarantee – Most agencies offer bond back guarantee. The idea is that the agency will make sure you get back your bond. If not, they come back for re-cleaning at no additional expense.

Specific Plans – A standard package covers the checklist we discussed. However, there are specific plans you could pick based on your needs, and you will be charged extra for that. For example, if pets are at home, you can choose an additional carpet cleaning Melbourne service customized for houses with pets.

Time-Saving – Let’s face the truth. When you are all excited to move out, you would have a lot of things to do, and the last thing you would want to do is bond cleaning. Hire professionals to do what they are best at, and rest assured your last days at the place will be all smooth.

Professional Cleaning – Even if you are the best at cleaning, professional cleaning gives an altogether different vibe and look to your house. So save your time and energy and gear up for a new beginning while professional cleaners care for all these.

Summing Up

Bond cleaning is a significant challenge as your deposit money and bond are at stake. So whether you decide to do it yourself or hire professional services, do a clean job at it.

If you are not hiring professionals, use the tips mentioned above to clean your place and move out without dispute.

Cheers to your new beginnings!