Exit Cleaning & Bond Cleaning Adelaide

Exit Cleaning & Bond Cleaning Adelaide

100% Stress-free Moving Out

We guarantee a stress-free move: Get 100% of your bond back

Exit Cleaning Australia … is the name you can trust when it comes to end of lease cleaning in Adelaide! Bond cleaning/End of Lease Cleaning Adelaide is not an easy task, and if you left the property uncleaned you might lose your hefty bond to your landlord. This is where our cleaners come to the rescue! Offering comprehensive bond cleaning, Bond cleaning, and exit cleaning services in Adelaide, we guarantee 100% bond return.

The end of lease cleaning Adelaide team provides all the services needed to clean your home, office and car. We are fully licensed and insured professional house cleaning company in Adelaide. Our cleaners have a wide range of experience in deep cleaning your apartment, house or office space. There is no job too small or large for our team!

End of Lease Cleaning Adelaide
Bond Cleaning Adelaide Guarantee

100% Bond Back Guarantee

Let’s face it, relocating can be stressful so why not let us at Like Clean Group take that stress away from you. We’ll handle the end of lease clean, you handle the rest. Our affordable end of lease cleaning services in Adelaide eliminate the stress of having to worry about getting a full bond return at lease Cleaning end.

We have a business licence and insurance. Since being in business for ten years, both individuals and corporations have been among our clientele. Specialists are experienced cleaners who take great delight in what they do and will go above and beyond to meet your demands and ensure that you receive the best service at a fair price. Our cleaners are friendly, honest, reliable and available 24/7 to help with any cleaning job. All of them come from different backgrounds but share one common trait: they all possess an exceptional work ethic! We offer a 100% bond back guarantee so that you can be confident about hiring us for your end of lease cleaning Adelaide needs!

When it comes to end-of-lease cleaning and refunding bonds to renters, real estate brokers and property owners in Adelaide have strict rules. But for our experienced cleaners, who follow the Real Estate Institute of South Australia (REISA) approved checklist, that’s a walk in the park. They’ll make sure you get 100% of your bond back with no trouble.

There is no space that is too difficult for our staff to handle. Even the darkest spaces will be left spotless because of our high-tech tools, environmentally safe cleaning solutions, and their experience. You will receive a full bond return at the end of your lease if you use our services. Never has end-of-lease cleaning been so simple!

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All Clean

Our end of lease cleaning service covers the entire house, including the entrance way, living areas, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways.

Trained Cleaners

Our professional Lease cleaning team has extensive experience and know exactly what it takes to meet end of lease cleaning standards. Our carpet cleaning services leave carpets clean, fresh, and hygienic. Their REISA-approved cleaning checklist guarantees only the best service.

Bond Back Guarantee Cleaning

We’ll amaze you with our amazing work! Your happiness is important, so after the cleaning task is over, we’ll use your feedback to make improvements to our cleaning services.



We’ve proven time and time again that our services are first-class. Our clients are left feeling at ease, knowing that they’ve enlisted the best in the business when it comes to End of Lease Cleaning in Adelaide

With 1000’s bond cleans in Adelaide under our belt, our experienced team knowns exactly what is required to ensure that you receive 100% of your bond back when you exit your rental property in Adelaide. We’ll clean your rental property efficiently, thoroughly and professionally, not leaving any stone unturned. You can count on us to help you have a stress-free relocation, no surprises.

Bond Cleaning Adelaide
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Make your property manager/owner happy by enlisting the best in the business. We at Like Clean Group remove the stress from relocating and offer the most comprehensive and affordable end of lease cleaning service in Adelaide.

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We priorities our clients’ needs and are results-driven. Specialists work hard to meet our promises and aim to ensure that you are completely happy with our service.


We offer a variety of bond cleaning services to meet all of your end-of-lease cleaning needs.We provide all services, from basic bond cleaning to specialized ones; just let us know what you need. Professional pressure cleaning, pest treatment, cleaning, and many other services are among our specialty offerings. Don’t worry about keeping your bond clean; contact us instead, and we’ll take care of your end-of-tenancy cleaning issues right away.

WE MAINTAIN HIGH STANDARDS We strive to keep our promises, that’s why we ensure that only the highest quality service is provided to each and every customer. Moreover, we guarantee you a full bond refund at lease end so we work hard to keep that promise. Besides, we don’t cut corners and provide comprehensive end of lease cleaning services that will impress even the most “hard to please” property managers and owners in Adelaide. If you’re looking for a bond cleaning company that offers reasonable end of tenancy cleaning prices and knows what it takes to meet the strict end of lease cleaning requirements then get in touch with us today.

End of Lease Cleaning Adelaide
End of Lease Cleaning Adelaide team provides all the services needed to clean your home, office and car. We are fully licensed and insured professional house cleaning company in Adelaide.

The staff at End of Lease Cleaning Adelaide offer all the cleaning services required for your home, business, and vehicle. We are a professional house cleaning company in Adelaide that is fully licensed and insured.We provide all the services needed to clean your home, office and car. Our crew has over 10 years of experience and is very well-trained. Our cleaners are reliable with each member having an extensive background in the cleaning industry. Without wasting any time or effort on unnecessary tasks, they know exactly how to get jobs done efficiently

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If you want a stress-free move out of your rental property then look no further, get in touch with our cleaning team in Adelaide today.

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Our team of cleaners is always dedicated to serving the needs of property managers and owners – they are customer-focused and know what it takes to make them happy.They are highly qualified and will go the extra mile to ensure that you get 100% of your bond back at the end of lease cleaning.Don’t stress, they’ll look after the bond cleaning for you.

Our team is well trained and experienced. We use only the best tools and equipment to ensure you receive the highest quality end of lease cleaning service in Adelaide. We can clean all types of surfaces, including carpets and tiles, leaving your property looking spotless. Our cleaners are fully insured and bonded for your peace of mind, giving you total peace of mind if any damage occurs during the cleaning process.

Trained Cleaners

Our professional cleaning team has extensive experience and know exactly what it takes to meet end of lease cleaning standards. Our carpet cleaning services leave carpets clean, fresh, and hygienic. Their REISA-approved cleaning checklist guarantees only the best service.

Professional Cleaners

Our skilled and experienced cleaning team will completely clean your home from top to bottom, paying particular attention to even the most difficult areas to reach.

100% Bond Back

Our team will return and resolve the problem if the owner or property manager is not happy with the bond clean.

End of lease cleaning Adelaide Package

What does the end of lease cleaning service include?

In order to guarantee the full bond back to the renter upon lease expiry, our bond service works to verify that the property is kept clean to the Property Manager’s standards (as specified by the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Act 2008).

Our 100% bond back guarantee (T & C’s apply) only covers the areas that you have selected from our end of lease cleaning services.

We’re here to help because end-of-tenancy cleaning (vacate cleaning) in Australia can be extremely challenging. It’s up to you to make sure that every part of your end-of-tenancy cleaning has been taken care of, so if you have any questions, get in touch with our Adelaide cleaning team.

A full end of lease clean consists of the following:

  • Full bond clean: a thorough clean of the property including entrance way, hallways, kitchen, living and dining areas, bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Professional carpet cleaning

And if required, we provide the following specialty services:

  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Pest control
  • Pressure cleaning

Our quote will cover each end of lease cleaning service separately so please check your quote for the cleaning services that are included. Each item will appear separately on the quote, for example:

  • Bond clean
  • Carpet clean


We can’t perform miracles!!

Like Clean Group in Adelaide uses innovative bond back cleaning techniques but we can’t perform miracles. Some items will have “normal wear and tear” from daily use, so we can’t make the item look new again. To prove to the property manager or owner that the item has been returned to the best condition possible, we will provide before and after images to show our services.

Included in End of lease cleaning Package
Services included in our Bond Cleaning Service for unfurnished property are:
General Cleaning
  • Spot clean walls, light switches and power points as required (a full wall clean involves an additional cost)
  • Clean light fittings (if accessible and safe to remove)
  • Clean fans, air conditioners and filters
  • Clean doors, skirting and moulding
  • Remove cobwebs, insect stains and small nests where pest control is not necessary
  • Clean standard blinds, chords and rails (Extra services might be necessary.)
  • Clean both sides of windows (depending on accessibility)
  • Clean drawers and cupboards including tops, doors, inside and shelving
  • Clean sliding door tracks
  • Vacuum all the floors and carpets
  • Mop hard floors

Cleaning the Kitchen

  • Clean all cupboards including inside, outside, tops, doors and drawers
  • Clean all areas of stove top, elements, rings and knobs
  • Clean all areas of oven, griller, doors, trays, racks, glass and knobs
  • Clean inside, outside and behind dishwasher and microwave (if over 5kg’s they must be moved and put back into place by customer)
  • Clean sink, drain holes, drainers and polish tap ware
  • Clean range hood exhaust, and remove and clean filter
  • Clean and polish splash back

Cleaning the Veranda

  • Sweep floor
  • Remove cobwebs

Bathroom Cleaning

  • Clean inside and outside of all cupboards and drawers
  • Clean toilet including behind, around cistern and all-around toilet seat
  • Clean bath, shower recess/soap holder, remove built up soap residue on tiles and shower screens
  • Clean sink and polish tap ware and towel rails
  • Clean mirrors and windows including window tracks
  • Clean exhaust fans
  • Clean floors

Cleaning the Laundry

  • Clean inside and outside of all cupboards and drawers
  • If the washing machine weighs more than 5 kg, the client must move it and put it back in its proper location after cleaning the machinery and filters, if necessary.
  • Clean inside, outside and around laundry tub, cabinets, shelves, drawers and tap ware
  • Clean the inside, outside, and behind the dryer, and remove any dust that may be present (if more than 5 kg, the customer must remove it and put it back in position).
  • Clean all walls, windows and tracks
  • Clean floors

Cleaning the Garage

  • Sweep floor
  • Remove cobwebs

Furnished property

The furnished property will be charged differently than the unfurnished home because cleaning the furnished property takes more time.

  • Dust and wipe all furniture surfaces
  • Sanitized kitchen cabinets (if content is remove and placed in front of the cupboard by the customer)

Additional Cleaning Services (quoted separately)

Exit cleaning costs for the following cleaning services will usually list on your quote as an additional item. NOTICE: If they aren’t mentioned in your quote, they aren’t part of it.

  • Furnished property
  • Removal of rubbish
  • Professional carpet cleaning
  • Professional upholstery cleaning
  • Blind cleaning including venetians
  • Pool cleaning and maintenance
  • Garden maintenance
  • Pest control
  • Pressure cleaning
  • BBQ cleaning

This list does not include all of our specialty services so get in touch with our cleaning team today if you require anything further like repairs, painting services etc.

What’s not included in our end of lease cleaning service?
The following items are excluded from our bond cleaning service:
Full wall clean
  • Our team will spot clean your walls for insect marks and the like, however, they do not clean the entire wall. If marks exist that are beyond normal ‘wear and tear’ then get in touch with our cleaning team for this additional service.


  • Discoloration of items can happen with normal wear and tear; items like toilets, plastics and grout can turn yellow over time. It can be nearly impossible to return them to their original state without specialist cleaning services.


Garage Walls

Risky Areas

  • Our bond cleaning service does not apply to any areas that could be harmful or dangerous to our staff. We won’t clean up bio-waste, damaged or cracked electrical points, switches, or any other potentially dangerous issues.

Tile and natural rock stains

  • It can be challenging to completely remove stains from some materials because of their composition, and an expert may be required to restore the material to its pre-stained condition.


  • Our team of cleaners do not clean at heights; any area that requires a ladder to clean will not be included in our Exit cleaning service. For example, the second-floor windows won’t be clean.

Damp spots

  • Everywhere on the property, damp spots are very difficult to remove and sometimes compromise “dry wall” plaster.. We will do our utmost best to remove any mould and marks from damp spots, however there are occurrences where we can’t completely remove these spots, and if removed, they can return quickly if the area is damp.


  • We make every effort to remove mould from the property, but it is possible for mould to return in grout, silicon, and other places. An expert is necessary to restore these areas to their well-before condition./li>

Expert Services

  • Our normal bond cleaning service excludes areas that need specialised cleaning tools, chemicals, or a qualified worker. For example, pressure cleaners for stains on a garage floor), painters or plasterers to repair holes in walls. These services can be provided as an additional service so speak to our team to add these additional services to your quote.

Extra Items

  • Furniture, refrigerators, and other objects not specifically included in the categories won’t be clean unless both sides specifically agree to a different arrangement in advance.

Furnished Property

  • If items are still not removed before the cleaning staff arrives, they will not be able to clean the inside of cabinets.
  • Our team will not clean decorative items including ‘nick knacks’, frames, vases, lamps, clocks, fruit bowls, linen and any other decorative item.
  • As. our team of cleaners do not clean nor warrant all kitchen items that are located inside cupboards and draws.

Bond Back Guarantee Exclusions

Along with the end of lease cleaning service exclusions, other exclusions exist that we can’t include under our bond back guarantee, including:

Post Cleaning Events

A post cleaning event is something that occurs after the bond clean and within the warranty period that may influence the property managers/owners release of the bond, for which the cleaner is not responsible. We will not be responsible nor guarantee cleanliness in such an event and will use common sense to review these instances. Examples of such events are:

  • New residents moving in
  • Third-party contractors will not visit the property without our permission
  • Accumulation of dead insects after the bond clean
  • After the bond cleaning is complete, there is a buildup of surface dust.
  • Dirt near a window or door that has been left open
  • Insect or animal faeces


Outdoor Areas

  • Balconies, patios, and other outside spaces with only three walls that cannot be completely closed off from the outdoors are examples of outdoor areas.

Outside Glass

  • Our bond cleaning services include cleaning outside glass (excluding glass at heights or glass that is difficult to access) however due to the effect of weather we cannot warrant this.

Outdoor Windows

  • Our bond cleaning service includes cleaning outdoor windows (excluding those at heights or those that are difficult to access) however due to the effects of weather we can’t warrant them.

Post Pest Control

  • We are not be responsible and do not warrant any items post pest control that may require additional cleaning, that are directly related to the pest control service performed. For example, dead animals and insects that have gathered after the service has been completed.
Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does an End of Lease Clean take?

WE BELIEVE IN OURSELVES and you should too!
As, we do it by the book with the REISA-approved cleaning checklist.

We offer 100% bond back guarantee (T & C’s apply) because we believe in the quality of our cleaning service, our customer service and our skilled cleaners; Also, we know that you will receive the best service possible in Adelaide, South Australia. Our experienced cleaners are well trained, knowledgeable and work according to the REISA-approved cleaning checklist to ensure that you get your full bond back at lease end.

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