Professional Bond Cleaning & End of Lease Cleaning Brisbane

Professional Bond Cleaning & End of Lease Cleaning Brisbane
  • Landlord and agency approved
  • Guaranteed bond refund
  • Easy, quick and no stress
  • Instant bookings via our website or call centre
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  • Experienced in all facets of cleaning
  • We promise satisfaction or we re-clean
  • Hassle free moving
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Professional Bond Cleaners Brisbane

Moving day has snuck up on you. You’ve spent all your energy packing, sorting and then the task of unpacking and settling is the next daunting step. But wait, you’ve still got to clean to get your bond back! … Have you ever considered letting someone else take care of this part for you?

Like Cleaners are Australia’s foremost experts when it comes to End of Lease Cleaning. We have been satisfying customers and helping them move by taking the stress out of moving day and allowing them to get on with the moving process. Not only do we take the hassle out of moving for you, but by employing our guaranteed End of Lease Cleaning service, you are absolutely going to get your bond back, or we clean again- for free!

Why Choose Like Cleaning Bond Cleaning Brisbane?

Like Cleaning is not your average cleaning service. We are a team of highly skilled and experienced cleaning professionals. We know all the ins and outs of Bond Cleaning Brisbane and we make sure to meet and exceed customers’ expectations every time. We only use the highest quality equipment to get your rental property in better condition than the day you moved in! We have been making the process of moving a pleasant experience for our customers by making sure they get their bond back. This is our promise. This is the Like advantage!

End Of Lease Cleaning Brisbane

Our Landlord Approved Exit Cleaning Brisbane process:

End of Lease Cleaning Brisbane
We begin in the Kitchen and sanitise all appliances. The oven is where most landlords look to make sure the job has been done right- so special attention is given here.
Best End of Lease Cleaning Brisbane
The Bathroom is then extensively cleaned from top to bottom. Soap scum is blasted away, and vents and fans are cleared of built up dust. We then detail fittings and fixtures to a gleaming shine. Under the sink, toilet, vanity storage, shower, sink, and mirrors are all well cleaned and sanitised. The bathroom tiles and flooring is left dry and clear of watermarks.
Affordable end of Lease cleaners in Brisbane
The Laundry is given attention in similar detail to the bathroom. All dust and vents are wiped, which includes all benchtops and surfaces. Sinks and storage cupboards are detailed and left fresh and ready for new tenants.
Thorough End of Lease Cleaners in Brisbane
Bedrooms are next freshened up and cleaned of dust and left-over debris. Walls are spot cleaned, and fans and window sills are dusted and left as new. Cornices and skirting boards are also dusted and wiped over.
Best End of Lease Cleaners Price Brisbane
We vacuum all carpets, mop and clean all tiled, vinyl and laminate covered flooring. Skirting is wiped and left dust free, as well as spot cleaning of furniture marks etc.
End of Lease and Bond Cleaning in Brisbane
Windows are cleaned internally which includes the tracks and sills. We dust the blinds at the same time if present. We can clean the external windows at the same time also if you should require and include it in your budget with a discounted rate.
End of Lease Cleaners in Brisbane Prices
We detail all the fixtures that need special attention. Light switches, ceiling fans, vents, blinds, handrails, columns, handles and shades. Landlords and agents check these, and we know how to please them!
Fast & Affordable End of Lease Cleaners near Brisbane
Finally we will steam clean your carpets (if this is required) and offer you discounted rates for this service. Walls are spot cleaned, and all areas are double checked. We can also clean courtyards and BBQ areas, so the landlord is happy, and you get your bond back.

No need to look back: Get Expert Brisbane End of Lease Cleaning

Just move into your new home and leave the rest to us! We get you moving on and into your new life and make sure your bond is returned to you in full. You can thank us later. We hope this article has helped to clarify some of the questions you may have around the Bond Cleaning Brisbane process. If you would like to know more or want to book a quote, please contact us today.

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Professional quality End of Lease Cleaning Brisbane

End of lease cleaning is a task that most of us would prefer to avoid. It can be hard work, time consuming and expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. But not hiring professionals to do your End of Lease Cleaning Brisbane can be even worse for your wallet and reputation as a tenant. Before deciding whether or not it’s worth the risk, it’s important that you know how an agent can penalize you for leaving behind such a mess.

End of tenancy cleaning is not an easy job by any means.

When it comes to end of lease cleaning, you cannot just hire any old company. The risk that you run when hiring a professional cleaning company is that they will not do their job properly and leave you with an unfinished job. This can be very frustrating and mean that your landlord will charge you for more than what they should have because the property was in an unacceptable condition when they moved in.

There are also many benefits of hiring a professional cleaning services company such as:

•They are used to dealing with all kinds of properties which means there is no place too big or too small for them to clean;

•They have teams of cleaners who know exactly what needs doing so each room gets exactly the right amount of attention;

•Before you decide whether or not to do your end of lease cleaning, you need to know that most agents will charge you in the event you do not clean the property before moving out.

•Before you decide whether or not to do your end of lease cleaning, you need to know that most agents will charge you in the event you do not clean the property before moving out.

•The bond money is usually 10% of the bond and held by the agent.

•The bond money can be refunded to tenants after an inspection.

“As a tenant, it is important that you understand what happens if you don’t move out as required by your landlord’s agreement or lease contract.”

The bond money paid to the landlord at the beginning of your tenancy agreement is supposed to be returned to you on moving-out day if you have kept the premises clean and tidy, with no damage.

When you rent a property, the landlord will take 10% of the total rental amount as a bond. This money is held by the landlord until your tenancy agreement ends, and is used to pay for any damage done to the property during this time. If you have kept your house in good condition and there is no damage when you leave, then your bond will be returned to you on moving out day.

If however, you have not cleaned up before leaving or caused any damage (accidentally), then it may not be possible for your landlord to give all of this money back to you. The owner may claim some or all of it instead – especially if they need repairs done that are more than what they would normally charge for cleaning services in Brisbane!

If you happen to damage anything in your rental premises, then your bond can be used to pay for repairs. The landlord can charge you a bond cleaning fee, but they don’t have to. It’s also possible that the agent may charge you a bond cleaning fee.

If any of these scenarios apply and you want to avoid paying for any damage caused during the tenancy, then it is important that you take good care of the property and keep it clean at all times.

This gets back to the importance of a good bond cleaning company.

To ensure that your bond is returned in full and with no problems, you need to choose the right cleaning company for your end of lease clean. At Like Cleaning Service Group, we are dedicated to providing our clients with professional and reliable service, which means that we can help you get back your bond in the best condition possible. We know what makes a good bond cleaning company, and we have all the skills necessary to do it well.

Do yourself a favour and get some help with your End of Lease Cleaning Brisbane

End of lease cleaning Brisbane is a big job, and it’s not one that you should take lightly. The process can be time consuming, expensive, and all-around difficult to manage on your own. If you want your end of lease clean to be as thorough as possible—and thus save yourself from paying for an insurance claim—then it’s absolutely worth considering hiring professional help for this important task.

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