How to Clean the Office

How to Clean the Office
How to Clean the Office

How to Clean the Office

Many employers say that they struggle to keep their offices clean. Cleaning in Australia doesn’t seem to be a priority in the work place, keeping offices clean in-between professional office cleaners can be a struggle for many companies.

Use these office cleaning tips to keep your office in top form:


Office cleaning checklist

Having a checklist with office cleaning steps is the first stage to keeping your company clean. Let’s face it, cleaning offices is a chore and can be left undone when employees don’t have direction. Having a checklist helps guide employees in the right direction and also helps identify who’s responsible for what.


Corporate Cleaning Services

As well as having an office cleaning checklist or to do list for staff, also have a list of the duties that the professional commercial cleaning company will undertake and when. This clears things up for staff and avoids confusion. When you hire professional experts that undertake office cleaning services, it takes the load off employees and leaves the big jobs for the professionals, making the employees responsibilities lighter, allowing them to focus on their work. Office cleaning experts will also be way more efficient than employees, if you leave the heavy-duty cleaning to your employees, this will most definitely affect their performance.


Have a clean desk policy

Having a clean desk policy not only leaves the office looking tidier, it also ensures that sensitive information is kept securely. If each employee takes responsibility for his/her own desk, this shares the load equally.


Keep electronics clean

Keeping a company clean, doesn’t only include floors and furniture, but electronics too. Often overlooked, electronics are touched by multiple people on a daily basis and can spread germs. They also gather dust easily, so giving them a wipe can make a huge difference to the cleanliness of the office.


Disinfect the bathroom

This may seem like an obvious one, but bathrooms spread germs. A clean bathroom is also really important if you have external people coming into the office, a dirty bathroom doesn’t give a customer or supplier a good impression. Ensure that toilets and basins are cleaned daily, if not more often.


Have a sparkling kitchen and break room

Ensure that both the kitchen and break room are kept clean, for both hygienic and aesthetic reasons. Once again, areas like these spread germs and should be kept sparkling clean.


Empty the bins

The last thing a customer wants to see is an overflowing bin; this is not only an eye sore but also unhygienic. Individual bins as well as bathroom and kitchen bins should be emptied daily. Giving employees easy access to secure shredding and recycle bins, makes it easier for them and they’ll be more likely to use them.

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