How To Effectively Get Dog Hair Out Of Carpets

How To Effectively Get Dog Hair Out Of Carpets
How To Effectively Get Dog Hair Out Of Carpets

How To Effectively Get Dog Hair Out Of Carpets

We all love our animals, but some furry pets get the extra privilege of being inside. However, when it comes to the dreaded malting season, your pet is going to shed a lot of hair. This means hair everywhere especially if they sleep on carpets or sofas, and for most people, cleaning can be a frustrating and energy-draining task.

Therefore, we cannot deny that cleaning pet hair can be a problem, mainly when it sticks to your carpet, sofa, and other areas of our house. Pet hair removal can be problematic as it is not easy to clean their hair, especially when there are large amounts to clean.

Fortunately, there are some cleaning tips and tools you can use to clean up your dog’s hair efficiently.

Have A Check-Up With Your Veterinarian First

Before looking for ways on how to clean your dog’s hair from your carpet, take some time to look for the cause. It may seem ordinary, but you will never know for sure unless you have already had a check-up with your veterinarian. There may be times when you realise that your dog has excessive hair loss.

The veterinarian will check up on your dog’s skin and give you the necessary advice on improving your dog’s health. In this way, you can prevent the worst things that may happen to your dog. If the findings are normal, you may proceed with the tips below on how to clean your pet hair effectively.

Cleaning Products For Dog Hair

Cleaning your carpet, clothes, or any fabric materials from dog hair can be time-consuming. Using these products listed below may speed up cleaning the pet hair.

  • Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner

There are vacuum cleaners you can find at your marketplace that are designed especially for your dog hair. You may look at their specs if they effectively clean up your dogs’ hair without destroying your carpet or sofa’s fabric. A vacuum cleaner is not that expensive, so it is easy to purchase one.

  • Lint Rollers

Lint Rollers

This is also called a lint remover. It is a roll of one-sided sticky paper on a plastic or cardboard roll set up on a central rod with a connection handle. For most fabrics, such as clothes, upholstery, and linen, the gadget makes removing lint or other tiny fibres easier. Although this helps with cleaning up your dog’s hair, a sticky chemical residue left on the cloth attracts even more lint during the process.

An additional disadvantage of using petroleum-based materials is that they may damage or discolour natural textiles. Make sure you buy a good quality lint roller by checking up their reviews online.

  • Fabric Softener

Fabric Softener

When washing your clothes, carpet, or any fabric materials in your house with dog or cat hair, applying fabric softener will make it easier to clean up. This will also remove unwanted pet odours left on fabrics since fabric softener has a pleasant aroma that will stay on the material for a specific time. There are different fragrances you can find for other fabric softeners. Choose one that suits your taste. In this way, you are not only cleaning your fabric from dog hair, but it will also remove foul odours from your pet.

  • Deshedding Glove

Deshedding Glove

To enhance your pet’s hair shedding process, try using a pet hair glove. This will help to evenly distribute healthy oils throughout your pet’s hair and skin. A healthier pet means fewer dog hairs on your carpet and all-around your home. This means no more hairballs and more quality time spent with your dog are just a few of the advantages of utilising a grooming glove like this.

  • Pet Hair Removal Broom

Pet Hair Removal Broom

This hair remover tool, also called a rubber broom, is designed primarily to clean your carpet from your dog hair. It collects dog hair out of the carpet with its special brush. After cleaning, you have to wash your pet hair removal broom to avoid sticking up a lot of hair on it.

  • Carpet Rake

Carpet Rake

Even the smallest pet hairs may be cleaned with a carpet rake, an efficient combing instrument. Brush the carpet in a sweeping motion to collect as much dog hair as possible. Using a rake will remove the hair and brush and revitalise the carpet, keeping your carpet looking good and new.

  • Baking Soda

Baking Soda

Not only is the baking soda technique effective in removing dog hair from the carpet, but it also makes your carpet smell fantastic. A vacuum cleaner and a new box of baking soda are all you will need. Let the baking soda sit on the hair-infested regions of your carpet for a few minutes after thoroughly applying it. Thereafter, all you have to do is appropriately vacuum it. This method may not cost you a thing since baking soda can be found in most household kitchens.

  • Sticky Tape

Sticky Tape

This method is pretty simple. All you need to do is attach sticky tape onto your carpet where dog hair is present, and you pull it off to collect the stuck-on hair. Be careful with this method as it may destroy your carpet’s fabric too. This is not the most effective approach, but you can still add it to your options as the sticky tape is inexpensive to purchase.

Professional Cleaning For Your House

If you are busy with your overly hectic schedule, you might need to hire an expert in this field of cleaning. Paying for their commercial cleaning service is totally worth it as they know how to deal with different situations while ensuring the quality of their output. They can keep your carpet, sofa, and other furniture clean while ensuring that they are still safe.

Doing it by yourself can often be time-consuming, and you may damage some of your upholstery during the procedure. You can find one by searching for a reputable cleaning company on the internet, or you may ask your friends or workmates for their suggestions on where to look for such services.

Services that cleaning companies are offering include:

  • Air duct cleaning
  • Area rugs and carpet cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning and restoration
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Concrete floor care, repair, and restoration
  • Wall cleaning
  • Drapery and blind cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Power cleaning
  • Furniture cleaning

Different Types Of Carpet Cleaning

1. Hot Water Extract Cleaning

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning, also known as steam carpet cleaning, uses high-pressure hot water to stimulate the carpet fibres and remove contaminants in the carpet. When cleaning with hot water extraction, the cleaning solution is applied to the dirty area.

The carpet is rubbed with a brush, and then the carpet is rinsed. A carpet cleaning machine uses water to “wash” the carpet to remove the cleaning chemicals altogether. Then, it dries the carpet in a room or an air-conditioned environment until it is completely dry.

This is because cleaning and drying a carpeted area often takes hours for the whole process. Most cleaning services recommend having carpets cleaned in the late afternoon so that they may be allowed to dry overnight and business can continue the following morning as usual.

2. Shampooing the Carpet

Carpet cleaning using shampoo was used until the 1970s, when the encapsulation technique became widespread. This cleaning method is less popular than others because, despite its appearance, using shampoo on your carpet does not effectively remove dirt from your carpet.

The disadvantage of this technology is that it leaves behind large amounts of wet foam residue in the carpet that takes a while to dry and becomes sticky when they do, as there is no rinse step after shampooing.

This may damage your carpet in the long run, so this is not an advisable method for everybody. Make sure that the cleaning company you are hiring will not use such an old method.

3. Encapsulation

As a foundation, foam encapsulation makes use of synthetic detergents. When the foam dries, it turns into a powder. When the cleaning foam used to remove the dirt dries, the encapsulated dirt particles will be vacuumed or brushed out of the carpet fibres.

As a consequence of using less water during cleaning, foam encapsulation cleaning will replace carpet shampooing as the preferred deep cleaning method. People who favour the use of environmentally friendly solutions say foam encapsulation cleaning is far better to carpet washing because it leaves behind less chemical residue.

Even while encapsulation carpet cleaning has shown excellent cleaning results, the technology’s limitations have prevented this cleaning technique from effectively cleaning dirty carpets.

4. Cleaning With a Bonnet

Cleaning the top of the carpet fibres with a heavy-duty motorised machine and a spinning pad soaked in a cleaning solution to absorb dirt from the carpet surface results in excellent surface cleaning. Because it’s a fast remedy for cleaning carpets in high-traffic public areas and dries quickly, bonneting is popular among hotels.

This keeps hotel guests from being inconvenienced by having to wait around while the carpet dries. Because bonneting does not clean the carpet all the way down to the fibres, stains and other contaminants will soon reappear after the carpet has been cleaned. Because of the pressure of the hefty machine on the spinning pad, bonneting tends to leave behind a chemical residue as well as any lingering dirt after cleaning.

5. Dry Carpet Cleaning

Due to high level of effectiveness and ease of usage since it does not need drying time. Dry carpet cleaning has grown in popularity and acceptance among major carpet producers. Many kinds of carpet cleaning compounds and powders have been created since dry carpet cleaning technology was first introduced in the 1980s.

Groups of people are skeptical about the efficacy of this cleaning technique. This is because it is so new compared to other traditional wet carpet cleaning procedures, which have been trusted and used for decades. It is best to use a motorised counter rotating brush machine for dry carpet cleaning.

It allows the cleaning chemical or powder to penetrate the carpet’s fibres, resulting in deep, thorough cleaning. For the most part, the cleaning solution is composed of biodegradable materials that act like micro-spines to soak up messy spills efficiently.

It then removes them entirely once the spill has been cleaned up. Manufacturers of dry carpet cleaning equipment set themselves apart by coming up with proprietary cleaning compounds or powder formulas and tailoring the design and functionality to their machines.

When a commercial office has to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, dry carpet cleaning is suggested since it does not interrupt business while it is being done.

When To Seek Expert Help

As a pet owner, you are constantly battling the never-ending cycle of pet hair. However, despite your very best efforts, you still can’t remove the stubborn hair from your carpets and furniture. In the same vein, you may simply not have the time. If this is the case, it may be time to contact a trusted professional with the knowledge and skills required to get the job done the first time.