How To Get Pencil Off Walls

How To Get Pencil Off Walls
How To Get Pencil Off Walls

How To Get Pencil Off Walls

Removing Pencil Marks

Children are full of creative ideas. It, in turn, leads them to express their creativity in any way imaginable. Most often than not, they display their creative energy all over walls in their homes. Do not overstress about their removal if you notice crayon, pen, or pencil markings on your walls. There are a few techniques that you can apply to effectively get rid of pencil, crayon, or pen traces on your walls.

Continue reading to learn how to remove pencil markings from the walls of your house.

What To Use To Remove Pencil Marks From Walls

pencil markings

If there is any writing on your wall, you would better wish it was just pencil scribbles. This is because pencil stains are easier to remove when compared to their pen and crayon counterparts.

You can use the following cleaning products to remove pencil marks from the wall:

  • A pencil eraser
  • An art gum eraser
  • Melamine-foam eraser
  • Kneading eraser
  • Clean damp rags to wipe
  • Baking soda
  • White toothpaste
  • Mild detergent
  • Eraser sponges or a clean magic eraser
  • Dry cleaning solvent

Do not be concerned if you end up with pencil markings on your wall. These simple pieces of equipment are easy to come by, and you can get everything sorted out within no time, leaving your walls in their original clean state.

Removing Pencil Marks Off The Walls

It is mostly impossible to keep an eye on your youngster all of the time and tell him to stop drawing on the walls. Well, you can teach your youngster that paper or a book is a better option. However, kids will be kids, and more often than not, your child will find themselves drawing on your walls, necessitating you to work on getting the pencil stains off.

The best suggestion is to begin slowly and softly, using only the smallest amount of force possible. Also, remember to erase carefully, going from one end of the pencil mark to the other rather than crisscrossing it. Below you will find some practical methods for effectively removing pencil markings off walls:

Removing Pencil Marks Using an Eraser

When removing pencil marks from any surface, your initial instinct is to use an eraser. A good eraser can make the work a lot simpler. You can begin with some slow and moderate movements. However, rather than going for it with all your might, there are a few other approaches that you can take.

Some of these techniques are not suitable for certain types of wall paint, and you can end up damaging your wall. So, keep in mind the type of paint on your wall before attempting the methods listed below for removing marks from your walls.

Method One: Using a Pencil Eraser


Use a pencil eraser and gently rub over the area. It is possible to carefully remove the markings on the wall using an excellent eraser. But, if you do not do it carefully and softly, it might aggravate the situation.

Method Two: Using an Art Gum Eraser


Use an art gum eraser and gently rub the area with the pencil markings on your wall. Art gum erasers are capable of absorbing graphite, making them an effective pencil remover technique.

Method Three: Using a Melamine-Foam Eraser


You can wet a corner of a melamine-foam eraser and dab it over the pencil mark. Melamine foam erasers are a great way of removing pencil marks from walls. Simply wet the sides a little and rub them gently along the traces using paper tissue. It is an effective abrasive cleaner. You can use it for cleaning stains on walls and other surfaces like counters and floors.

Method Four: Using a Kneaded Eraser

Kneaded Eraser

We recommend using a kneaded eraser. A kneaded eraser allows you first to shape and mould it to produce a fine tip. Instead of risking rubbing the paint off the wall’s surrounding regions, you get to erase in the smallest possible area in this manner. Basically, you are able to concentrate the fine tip on the area with the pencil stain.

To use a kneaded eraser for pencil removal off your walls, begin with mild rubbing and gradually increase the pressure. If you have wallpaper instead of paint, a pencil eraser can help you remove the stains. It is a good idea to use a brand new eraser. It reduces the possibility of smearing caused by any pencil graphite that may already be on the eraser.

Removing Pencil Marks Using Baking Soda

Baking Soda

Baking soda has become more prominent as a tried and true cleaning ingredient in recent years. It is considered as an ultimate cleaning agent, capable of removing various stains from a surface.

You can use a mixed solution of baking soda and water. Then, you can apply the mixture to the stained wall. Then, dab at the pencil markings with a soft cloth. You should rub the pencil markings away gently. If you do this, the pencil marks will vanish in a matter of seconds. However, this technique is not recommended for use on wallpaper as it can lead to discolouration.

Removing Pencil Marks Using Toothpaste


When it comes to erasing pencil marks from the walls, even your white toothpaste can come in handy. Not everyone is familiar with this helpful tip. Simply squeeze a small quantity of toothpaste onto a soft, clean towel. To remove the stains from your walls, carefully massage them on the pencil marking areas. You must ensure that you are just using plain white toothpaste, seeing as the colour from coloured toothpaste can stain your wall further.

Removing Pencil Marks Using Detergent


Another product frequently used to remove stains in many households is detergent. To remove markings from the walls, you can also use a mild detergent. The simple, store-bought detergent will suffice.

Start by diluting a small amount of detergent with water. Then dab a gentle clean towel with the cleaning solution and attempt to wipe away the pencil markings. To safeguard the paint from peeling off, make sure you use a mild detergent.

Removing Pencil Marks Using a Dry Cleaning Solvent

Dry Cleaning Solvent

For removing pencil or crayon marks from walls, you can also employ dry cleaning solvents. They are readily available, and you can find these types of solvents at local stores. Just dab a tiny amount of the solvent onto the pencil-marked area using a clean white cloth. After that, gently rub the stained wall to remove any pencil markings.

Removing Pencil Marks Using Eraser Sponges

Eraser Sponges

Magic erasers or eraser sponges are little rectangular pieces of melamine foam that contain a cleaning ingredient. This product can remove stains from your walls and other surfaces like bed sheets, tables, and shoes. They are non-corrosive and non-abrasive, so they will not damage your walls.

You also do not need to use any cleaning products or stain removers. All you have to do is wet it and squeeze it onto the pencil markings. Then, the magic eraser removes all pencil stains from the wall as you rub gently over them. However, ensure that you are not too rough while using them because the abrasiveness can wipe the surface away.

Can You Clean A Coloured Pencil Off A Wall?

Coloured Pencil

Yes, you can clean pencil markings off your walls, even if they are created with coloured pencils. You should start with the eraser method first, as not all the methods mentioned above apply to coloured pencils. If it does not work, you can move on to the following methods:

  • You can use kneaded erasers.
  • You can use baking soda combined with water as a cleanser.
  • You can use toothpaste.
  • You can use home detergent.
  • You can try eraser sponges or magic clean erasers.

How To Remove Pencil Marks From Wallpaper

Using a very clean eraser should be your first attempt at removing pencil marks from your wallpaper. To remove graphite or pencil lead from painted walls or wallpaper, follow these steps:

Step One: Use a suede stone or soft cloth

To remove as many markings as possible, you can use a suede stone or a soft eraser.

Step Two: Wipe the surface

Then, wipe the surface with overlapping strokes using a clean cloth soaked with clear water.

Step Three: Gently rub with a soft towel

Finally, gently rub the wallpaper using another soft towel.

Hire A Professional To Get Pencil Off Your Walls

If you use a product that makes your wall or wallpaper moist to remove pencil stains, it might not be able to handle it. This is because it might discolour the wall or remove the paint from it. So, try using caution when employing the mentioned techniques. However, you can also choose to hire professionals to clean your walls and remove all traces of pencils from them.