How To Remove Ink Stains From Leather

How To Remove Ink Stains From Leather
How To Remove Ink Stains From Leather

How To Remove Ink Stains From Leather

Ink stains on leather products, whether a couch, cloth or shoe, are unpleasant for you or your family and visitors. The beauty of leather products is their pleasing appearance and longevity. However, the fact that you have accidentally spilled ink on your leather products, or maybe your child has done so, should not make you panic at all.

An ink stain on leather does not mean the product is useless and should be thrown away. Despite the removal of ink stains from the leather being a complicated task, it is possible. There are proven domestic and commercial methods that are effective in removing ink stains from leather products.

Consequently, time is essential in removing ink stains from leather. The faster you act to remove the ink stains, the easier it is; if you take longer, you might not be able to remove the ink stains at all. This article discusses the proven homemade and commercial methods of removing ink stains from leather. Read on!

Homemade Leather Cleaners

Before considering commercial leather cleaners, why not try some of the effective homemade solutions for removing ink stains from leather? These solutions are effective on both leather clothes and leather couches. Homemade leather cleaners are not only eco-friendly and safe but also less expensive when used correctly.

However, some homemade solutions may also be hazardous to the leather products if mixed or misused. Therefore, it is always best to try them on an inconspicuous spot on the leather before using them to remove ink stains. Extra caution is required in using these solutions; thus, always ensure that you get it right, or you might spend more money and time removing ink stains from leather.

Let’s see some of the most effective homemade solutions for removing ink stains from leather.


The use of milk in removing ink stains from leather is sporadic and only effective when the stain has not taken long. All you need is sufficient milk and a bowl. Place the leather with ink stains in the bowl and fill it with milk.

Leave it to drench overnight. If all the stains are not removed, repeat this process. Wash your cloth with enough clean water after removing all the ink stains.

Lemon Juice and Tartar

This approach is practical and should only be used on non-white leather clothes. Mix a single part of lemon juice and a single part of tartar cream in a bowl to make a paste. Apply the paste on the areas with an ink stain using a microfiber cloth.

Rub it in a circular motion, then allow it to rest for some time. Finally, clean the area with a damp clean cloth, then apply a leather conditioner, either commercial or domestic.

White Vinegar and Olive Oil

White vinegar is safe and effective in removing ink stains from leather products, particularly white leather sofas. Not only is it natural and less expensive, but also non-toxic and safe for both your family and pets. The other type of vinegar, such as red wine, is not proven to be effective. Hence, if you choose to use them, use them at your own risk!

Mixing White Vinegar and Olive Oil

  • Add a quarter cup of white vinegar and half a cup of olive oil in a spray bottle. Shake well to ensure a uniform mixture of the two products. Soak a cotton ball with the mixture and dab it on the stain. Allow it enough time to rest and thoroughly saturate the leather cloth.
  • Mix three tablespoons of baking soda and a tablespoon of distilled water to form a paste. Rub the paste onto the ink stain in a circular motion. Allow it time to rest, about five to ten minutes. Dip a toothbrush in a vinegar and water solution; use it to rub the spot with an ink stain. Rinse the cloth with clean water after you have removed all the ink stains from the leather.

Commercial Leather Cleaners

Commercial leather cleaning products may be more costly than homemade solutions, but they are also more effective. With commercial leather cleaners, rest assured of no damage to your leather. Similarly, besides commercial leather cleaners working better on tough stains, you need not make a recipe. Many effective commercial leather cleaners exist. Just choose the ones that work better for you and maintain your leather product. Below are a few examples of commercial leather cleaners.

Rubbing Alcohol

Alcohol could help you remove inks stains from leather. However, you need to carefully pick the type of alcohol you use. While denatured alcohol may be effective, it may damage your leather when misused. On the other hand, rubbing alcohol is very effective and safe in removing ink stains from leather.

It would be best if you put the ink stain facing down on a paper towel. Dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol. Smear the cotton ball with rubbing alcohol onto the ink stain on the leather. Smoothly rub it in a circular movement on the area with stains until the ink starts to shed off. Keep changing the paper towels for efficient absorption of the ink. After all, the ink has come out; wash the leather with clean water.

Hair Spray

For so long, people have used hair spray to remove ink stains from leather. However, various factors have been recognised to influence its effectiveness. Today, the most effective hair sprays for removing ink stains are those that contain high alcohol concentrations.

Before using hair spray, it would be best if you try it on an inconspicuous area on the leather. First, place a clean towel or cloth on a hard surface to remove ink stains from leather using hair spray. Then, place the leather with an ink stain on top of the towels.

Drench a cotton ball with hairspray, then hold it steady on the ink stain. Repeat this process while changing the towels for efficient absorption of the ink. Similarly, the ink will likely make the cotton ball dirty.

Therefore, you should consider changing it when that happens. Dab the area with a dry clean cloth. After removing all the ink stains from the leather, wash it as per the description on the label.

Magic Eraser

The Magic Eraser, made by Mr. Clean, is an excellent leather cleaning agent. Dip the head of the magic eraser in water, then rub it smoothly on the area with an ink stain.

Dab the spot with a clean cloth, then wash the garment as usual. To remove more sticky stains, you could use melamine foam.


We mainly use sunscreen to protect our skin from harsh sun rays, but it could also be used effectively in cleaning leather chairs with ink stains. Spray the sunscreen on a white towel; slowly rub it on the ink stain while applying enough pressure.

Saddle Soap

Saddle soap is an effective agent for removing ink. As such, saddle soap can be used to clean, protect and remove ink from leather. When applied regularly, it helps in improving the life span of the leather.

To remove ink stains from leather, dip a clean cloth in a bucket of water to make it wet, wring it until it becomes damp. Rub it over the saddle soap and then gently over the ink stain. Do not scrub the spot lest you damage your leather.

Contact The Professionals

While it is possible to remove ink stains from leather by yourself, one of the best ways is always hiring professionals. Professionals are highly trained in their professions with years of experience to handle your leather products without any damages. Therefore, instead of conducting trial and error experiments on your precious leather products, it is best to contact professionals.