Important things to confirm before hiring bond cleaners

Important things to confirm before hiring bond cleaners
Important things to confirm before hiring bond cleaners

Important things to confirm before hiring bond cleaners

Moving is stressful enough. You do not want to carry the burden of cleaning your home while vacating. The perfect way out is to hire a professional bond cleaners agency. However, you will have to know how to find the perfect agency.

You have to check for many factors while hiring a professional cleaning agency. It includes verifying their registration, experience, insurance provided, etc. Also, it is vital to know about the services offered and different deals.

Above all, you should also ask bond cleaners certain questions and clarify doubts. It will clarify the services and help you choose a reliable professional. This article lists down a few crucial things to confirm before you zero down your options and hire a bond cleaner.

Know their years of experience

Before hiring a professional end of lease cleaning agency, you should do a proper background check. This will help you know more about the companies. The best way to decide upon the company’s expertise is by knowing the number of years they have been in the cleaning business. So ask them about their cleaning experience, reputation, number of projects completed and other details.

Enquire about the services they provide

Every company will have a set of services they provide. There is a standard checklist that companies across the city follow. However, there might be a few changes and add-ons. So one of the first things you should confirm is their different services.

Each customer might have unique wants and needs. As a result, they could offer different plans. Ask them for a detailed explanation. This will help to choose the right service that best fits your property and cleaning expectation.

Confirm if they are using advanced equipment

One main reason we prefer professional cleaners to DIY is equipment usage. We cannot spend more on buying modern and different equipment to clean each part of the property.

So when you opt for professional cleaners, keep this thing in mind. Ask the company if they are using their own tools and how advanced they are — the better and more advanced the equipment, the quicker the cleaning process.

Verify their certificates and licenses

One of the crucial things to do while selecting an end of lease cleaning firm is checking for their certificates and licenses. It will help you determine the quality of work you could expect. Apart from that, when you opt for a licensed firm, you are making a more reliable and credible choice.

Do they offer a bond back guarantee?

The bond back guarantee is a common feature in most professional cleaners. They offer the guarantee that you will get your bond back. If the landlord is not satisfied with the cleaning provided by the agency, you can always call them back within a stipulated period.

The agency will completely re-clean and focus on the specific spots that didn’t meet your expectations. They do the re-clean at no additional cost to help you get the bond back. It is one of the significant advantages of hiring a professional firm, so make sure the agency provides the guarantee.

Are they fully insured?

Most of the professional cleaners are fully insured. So when you choose an agency, enquire whether they have insurance coverage or not. Because when the company is insured, you can rest assured that if they cause any damage to the property, they will take responsibility for it.

Seek the cost charged and the process

It is one of the essential things to confirm. First, ask the cleaners for the cost they charge and see if it fits well within your budget. Additionally, request them to give a detailed breakdown of the costs calculated. This will help you understand the spending and know the additional expenses you could avoid.

Ask if their workers are employees or contract cleaners

While some professional home cleaning Brisbane agencies have in-house employees, others have contractually bound cleaners. Although you do a background check on the agencies, knowing about the kinds of cleaners employed will help you learn about the cleaning and relative expertise they bring in.

Look into their rescheduling and canceling policies

There could be ‘n’ number of reasons and situations that could force you to reschedule or cancel the end of lease cleaning booking. It is therefore proactive to know about the policies of the company beforehand.

It would be best to find professional cleaners who can waive off cancellation charges and refund the entire money when informed within a certain period.

Know about other services offered

All companies have a standard checklist that includes standard rooms, outdoor cleaning, and other essential services. You could also choose many other unique services, like Carpet Cleaning Brisbane or Window Cleaning Brisbane. It will help you cover additional areas of cleaning at low costs. So do your research and know about extra services offered.

Request information regarding cleaning hours

When you move out, you will always feel like you are short on time. Since you have to complete different procedures before shifting, getting the end of lease cleaning done within a few days will give you more peace and comfort. Thus, enquire about the average hours it will take to clean the house and plan accordingly.

Find out what all you should do before the end of lease cleaning

There is a need to prepare your house before the agency sends its team to clean. Different agencies will require you to prepare differently. So always remember to ask them if you have to do anything and if yes, what all you do. The standard procedure will be to declutter the area before their arrival, empty the house and remove as much furniture as possible.

Ask about the types of cleaning products they use

Today, different professional cleaners use different kinds of equipment and cleaning liquids. One of the rapidly growing products is eco-friendly cleaners. They are also known as green products. These are good for the environment and are way more affordable. So it is always better to choose companies that use eco-friendly products. Therefore, please inquire about the kinds of products they use before you decide.

The Bottom Line

Hiring a professional cleaning agency will reduce your pressure and stress. We will pack your stuff entirely during your moving-out process. So, passing the end of lease cleaning to a professional will lower your workload.

There are several professional bond cleaners agencies in the city. Therefore, confirm the above-mentioned qualities and characteristics while hiring a professional agency.

Happy Moving Out!

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