End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne
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  • Prompt, reliable and flexible End of lease cleaning service in Melbourne
  • Latest in cleaning technology and eco-friendly products
  • End of lease cleaning all suburbs of Melbourne
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  • Peace of mind End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

Hire the best End of Lease cleaners in Melbourne.

It’s a moving day, and you’ve spent the day moving your entire life across town after packing up all of your things. Now all you want to do is get comfortable in your new house. Additionally, our end-of-lease cleaning service guarantees that the entire property is spotless. But before you can completely relax, you still have the annoying task of cleaning your old home!

Cleaning comes first when it comes to making the process of moving house easier. Our end-of-lease cleaning in Melbourne ensures that you will receive your bond back and that your renter or agent will be satisfied, giving you a positive reference for how clean the property was. We are the best end-of-lease cleaners in Melbourne!

You can relax.

What sets Like Cleaners apart is our focus on the little things. When it comes to handing over the keys, we are aware of what landlords and agents expect. You can be sure that your bond will be returned because it is 100% guaranteed. We will handle the most difficult aspect of the relocation for you to reduce your stress throughout the transfer! We put a lot of effort into becoming practical. You can choose to meet us at the property or just leave the keys in a safe area with us, and we’ll handle the rest! We are the best end-of-lease cleaning in Melbourne because of our attention to detail.

End Of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

Steps We Take to Ensure Your End of Lease Cleaning is Perfect :

Professional End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne
Our team will arrive on time as arranged with you. Should any delay be unforeseen, we will communicate clearly and keep you informed every step of the way.
Rental Property Cleaners in Melbourne
We assess the job at hand and the requirements of the property. All necessary cleaning equipment is unloaded, and we get to work.
Professional Bond Cleaners Melbourne
We take care to not bring any unnecessary dirt and footprints with us, as our aim is to work efficiently and hygienically.
Bond Cleaner Price in Melbourne
We take care to compare the property requirement checklist against the actual job at hand. This ensures there is no area of the property that is missed.
Cheap Bond Cleaning in Melbourne
We usually start our End Of Lease Cleaning Melbourne in the kitchen. Paying special attention to the inside of cupboards and drawers, benchtops, wet areas and of course the oven and cooktop.
Affordable Bond Cleaning in Melbourne
The bathroom is deep cleaned. All lime and soap scum is blasted away before we detail every fitting and fixture. Shower, basin, mirrors, under sink storage, toilet and bath are all thoroughly scrubbed and sanitised. The Laundry is usually included in this step.
Best Bond Cleaners in Melbourne
Bedrooms are overhauled top to bottom, with a focus on dirt and dust. Commonly neglected areas such as ceiling fans, wardrobes and closets will shine like new.
Cost of Bond Cleaning Melbourne
Floors, carpets and tiles are then extensively cleaned with our state if the art carpet and flooring equipment. All common surfaces are wiped over and dusted.
Bond Cleaning Quote in Melbourne
Every window in the house is cleaned inside and out. This includes the frames, tracks and runners.
Rental Property Bond Cleaning Melbourne CBD
The little details which landlords pay attention to are given extra love. Light switches, door handles, outlets and decorative fixtures etc.
Detailed Bond Cleaner Melbourne
The finishing touches to ensure your bond is returned to you includes spot cleaning of walls, dusting window coverings, carpet steam cleaning, patio and outdoor entertaining areas, furniture, bedding, garage area and whatever else your specific property requires to be handed back in tenant ready condition.

Book Your End of Lease Cleaning Now!

Because we guarantee your bond back, we’ve been pleasing landlords, property managers and tenants for years. Like Cleaning, the preferred choice for End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne. Our end of lease cleaning Melbourne services are the best way to get your home ready for a new tenant. We will make sure that every corner of your home is spotless and ready to move in. Our team can also help you with other cleaning jobs in your house, such as washing walls, windows or floors – just let us know what needs doing!

after build cleaning


Why choose us for your Melbourne End of Lease Cleaning?

The end of lease cleaning Melbourne is the most important aspect of your tenancy. This is due to the fact that you will be turning over the property in perfect condition. Even though you’ve lived there for a while, it could be difficult for you to properly clean your home before the landlord comes to look at it. Additionally, if you have pets in your house, using a professional cleaning service like ours may help you remove pet hair and other stains from your walls and floors.

Why is it necessary to hire a professional for End of lease Cleaning Services?

You should hire a professional for your end-of-lease cleaning services for a number of reasons. The most obvious reason is that experts are better prepared to deal with these activities due to their experience and training. They are aware of how to maximize their efforts, so you can expect your property to be returned to you in better shape than when you first took possession of it.

Professional end-of-lease cleaners also have access to tools that might enable them to access areas that might otherwise be challenging for you or other regular individuals to clean effectively. This means that they will be able to completely remove all traces of dirt and guarantee that everything looks brand new!

What can you expect from our Professional Cleaning Service?

We take great satisfaction in offering the most eco-friendly cleaning services available to companies. We avoid using toxic chemicals like ammonia and bleach and only use eco-friendly cleaners that won’t endanger the health of your family or pets.

  • We will adjust your schedule: We offer our cleaning services whenever suits you best.
  • We will reschedule right away because we are aware that unexpected events can happen and prevent you from being at home within our arranged window.

Our cleaning technicians will focus on the areas that are usually cleaned after a tenant vacates a property, including: living room.

  • kitchen bench tops and cupboards (inside and out)
  • floors (including stairs)
  • bathroom tiles, shower screens, sinks and taps (inside and out)
  • Mirrors and windows


Frequently Asked Questions

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