Window Cleaning Melbourne

Window Cleaning Melbourne


  • Streak-free eco-friendly window cleaning
  • Combined services available
  • Hard to reach windows and frames
  • Crystal clear glass enhances the look of your home
  • Allow more natural light into your home or business
  • Fingerprints and smudges gone
  • Ground and first floor windows
  • Competitive rates with multi service discounts
  • Reliable and friendly service
  • Ongoing customer support and scheduled cleaning available
  • Clean windows make your space more liveable

Streak-Free Rejuvenation

Melbourne is known for its wet and windy weather. Rain and dust can quickly cause your windows to become unsightly and covered in a thick film which make it difficult to see through and even more difficult to keep clean. We have perfected the techniques that quickly and thoroughly rid your windows of all the grime that builds up over time.

When we clean your windows, we perform a completely streak-free rejuvenation of both the inside and outside panels to restore the natural light which makes your home feel fresh, peaceful and airy. Like Cleaning are known for performing the most in-depth Window Cleaning in Melbourne.

Spotless and Sparkling

The advantage of having Like Cleaning perform our extensive Window Cleaning service for you is that you can marvel at the perfect view that clean, spotless windows provide. Not only does the view from inside improve, but the exterior look of your home or business is instantly transformed. Keeping the image of your property well maintained helps to uphold the value of your home and keep your business looking inviting to clients and customers. Unattractive fingerprints and smudges not only detract from the view but also hold germs which can become airborne in your home. It’s important to keep your windows spotless and sparkling. Like Cleaning is at the ready to clean your windows now!

Window Cleaning Melbourne

This is How We Make It Clear :

Window Cleaners in Melbourne
Your property is assessed, and the correct equipment is unloaded and set up in accordance with our stringent health and safety standards.
Melbourne Professional Window Cleaners
Frames and tracks are polished after removing cobwebs, bird droppings and bugs.
Window Cleaners in Melbourne Best Price
The surface of your windows are dried from corner to corner leaving them with a streak-free gleam.
Professional Window Cleaning Prices Melbourne
All equipment and residual watermarks are removed and any further agreed upon services can then be carried out.

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