Window Cleaning Perth

Window Cleaning Perth


  • Regular or once-off cleaning of windows
  • Domestic and business clients
  • Experienced, qualified and insured window cleaners
  • Easy booking from our website or over the phone
  • Extend the life of your windows and frames
  • Make your home appear more attractive
  • Let in more natural light
  • Improve your view of the beautiful world
  • Allowing us to do it for you means you get more free time
  • Protect your real estate investment

Windows so Clean

Window cleaning Perth has the benefit of dry hot weather, which also means the disadvantage of baked on dirt which means your windows and frames deteriorate quickly of not taken care of. Also, dirty windows limit the amount of natural light which can make your home feel uncomfortable. We have specialist procedures to remove the grime thoroughly which builds up over time.

When we clean your windows, we pay special attention to both the interior and exterior panels, keeping them streak-free so that your home ambiance is light and airy. Like Cleaning is the most trusted and effective window cleaning Perth!

Windows that Sparkle

Like Window Cleaning Perthrestores the breathtaking views that only pristine, clean windows can provide. Window cleaning not only improves the view from inside, but it also improves the appearance of your home or business from the outside. When you maintain the look of your property, it will help to protect its value and your business will appear more customer friendly. Fingerprints and smudges are not only unsightly, but they also help airborne viruses thrive in your house. Maintaining a gleaming, immaculate window is vital for good health. Your windows will sparkle with Like Cleaning!

window cleaning perth

The Like Cleaning Window Process:

Best Window Cleaning in Perth
In accordance with our stringent health and safety rules, we inspect your premises and unload and set up the required equipment.
Professional Window Cleaning in Perth
Frames and tracks are polished after cobwebs, bird droppings, and dirt has been removed.
Affordable Window Cleaning in Perth
The surfaces of your windows are dried from corner to corner, giving them a streak-free shine.
Reliable Window Cleaning in Perth
Any extra services agreed upon can be performed once all equipment has been packed up and all windows clean and dry.

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