End Of Lease Cleaning Sydney

End Of Lease Cleaning Sydney
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End of Lease Cleaning Sydney

Get Hassle Free Bond Back Service Guarantee

When moving day comes, you’ve already packed everything and spent the day transporting your things across the city. All you want to do right now is set up your new house. However, before you can completely move on, you still have the duty of cleaning up your old house.

Cleaning makes the moving process simple. Our end-of-lease cleaning service in Sydney makes sure that you may go without stress and that your landlord or agency will give you a good reference going forward. We are the end of lease cleaning company in Sydney! Sydney home cleaning services!

The key to Like Cleaners’ continuing success is to focus on quality. We are aware of what renters and agents expect upon receiving the keys back. You may therefore rest easy knowing that you’ll get a 100% guarantee that your bond will be repaid to you. We relieve moving stress by addressing the most difficult aspects of moving! Simply leave the keys for us in a safe location that has been decided upon, and we will take care of the rest! Our goal is to fulfill your expectations! The little things are what make us Sydney’s best end of lease cleaning.

End of Lease Cleaning is our specialty and we offer end of lease cleaning Sydney wide.

We have been doing this for years and are fully aware of the requirements that renters, property managers, and real estate agents have for an expert end-of-lease clean.

What is included in our End of Lease Cleaning Sydney?

  • Air conditioner: Clear filters and vent when accessible.
  • Carpet: Vacuumed
  • Ceiling fan: Dust and wipe ( Where possible)
  • Cobwebs: Remove ( where accessible)
  • Cupboard: Wipe shelves and face panels
  • Power sockets and light switches: Dust and wipe clean.
  • Floors: Sweep and mop all the non-carpeted floors.
  • Walls: Remove some light marks with sponging.
  • Window track: Washed.
  • Fly screens: lightly brush of with soft brush.
  • Mirrors: Excluding wardrobe mirror.
  • Exhaust fan: Degrease and dismantle.
  • Sink: Clean and remove any soap Residue.
  • Toilet: Clean thoroughly in and outside of the bathroom.
  • Shower and bath tiling: Clean wall tiles, shower recess, and bathtub.
  • Taps: Polish and clean.

We also focus on cleaning stove tops, fixtures, lighting, appliances, and fitting. Our team of cleaning specialists make use of grease.


Since we have been doing Bond Back Cleaning service for years, we are fully aware of the qualities that Real Estate Agents and Property Managers need in a reputable end-of-lease cleaning Sydney.

END OF LEASE CLEANING SYDNEY is the best option if you’re looking for a reputable end-of-lease cleaning in Sydney. Since we have been performing Bond Back Cleans for years, we are fully aware of the qualities that real estate agents and property managers want in an expert end-of-lease cleaning. If your property manager or real estate agent is happy with the state of your rental property at the end of your lease agreement, your bond money will be given to you. For the property manager or real estate agent to do their final inspection and release your bond money, you must finish your end of lease / exit cleaning to a very high quality.


Like Cleaning is committed to providing you with a first-rate end-of-lease cleaning Sydney service that is created to satisfy your demands and can be customized to meet your needs.

A good end-of-lease cleaning service company, like us, will ensure that you get a 100% bond refund or that you get your entire deposit back before you leave the property. This is the main selling factor for every company in your area.

End-of-lease cleaning Sydney will complete end-to-end cleaning services at your home, leaving behind spotless carpets, an oven, a kitchen and a bathroom. These companies guarantee that you will receive nothing less than the greatest bond cleaning services.

We are all aware of the time commitment and stress that comes with moving out. After packing your entire home and getting away with any garbage or worthless items, make sure you don’t leave any important items behind. In addition, you will need to engage an end-of-lease cleaning service in Sydney for the items to be moved out. It will take you days or even weeks to clean everything up and check the property.

When it comes to cleaning, nothing beats the end of lease cleaning Sydney, since they can carefully follow an end-of-lease cleaning checklist to ensure that every corner and crevice of your home is cleaned.

Checklist for the Best Bond Cleaning in Sydney

The standard cleaning checklist covers three important areas in your house or apartment:

  • Bedrooms/dining room
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen

Standard exit cleaning services will also handle carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, and balcony cleaning to make sure that every key place is cleaned properly. You could end up leaving one or two corners uncleaned and losing your entire deposit if you decide to handle the work on your own.

  • Hiring an End of lease cleaning in Sydney has another advantage: most of them will be insured in your region.
  • Nowadays, providing public end-of-tenancy cleaning services without insurance is allowed.
  • Again, though, this will depend on where you live and the legal system in your country.

For any losses or damages incurred during the cleaning process, a company needs to have insurance and a warranty in order to be held responsible.

Some of the most prevalent situations where damage is likely to happen include the use of powerful cleaning agents, incidents when removing tough stains, and cleaning sensitive areas like window glasses.

Last but not least, your renter will be impressed by the quality of the cleaning work done by your cleaners.

Use of cleaning materials, tools, and checklists created specifically for moving out can ensure that the job is done to the highest standards.

Most end-of-lease cleaning businesses operate under the “no clean, no fee” principle, which basically means they won’t bill you for any out-of-pocket expenses in a situation where your bond isn’t fully refunded.

You may ensure that once the cleaning is done, your landlord will be happy to return your entire deposit.

End of lease Cleaning Adelaide

Steps We Take to Ensure Your End of Lease Clean is Perfect:

End of Lease Cleaning Sydney
Our personnel is on schedule as arranged with you. We effectively communicate and advise you at each stage if there are any unexpected delays
Best End of Lease Cleaning Sydney
We assess the work and the requirements of the property. We will unpack all the cleaning equipment and get to work.
Affordable End of Lease Cleaning Sydney
We take care to not bring any unnecessary dirt and footprints with us, as our aim is to work efficiently and hygienically.
Price of End of Lease Cleaning Sydney
We take care to compare the property requirement checklist against the actual job at hand. This ensures there is no area of the property that is missed.
Cost of End of Lease Cleaning Sydney
We usually start our End Of Lease Cleaning Melbourne in the kitchen. Paying special attention to the inside of cupboards and drawers, benchtops, wet areas and of course the oven and cooktop.
Best Price on End of Lease Cleaning Sydney
The bathroom is deep cleaned. All lime and soap scum is blasted away before we detail every fitting and fixture. Shower, basin, mirrors, under sink storage, toilet and bath are all thoroughly scrubbed and sanitised. The Laundry is usually included in this step
Affordable & Fast End of Lease Cleaning Sydney
Bedrooms are overhauled top to bottom, with a focus on dirt and dust. Commonly neglected areas such as ceiling fans, wardrobes and closets will shine like new.


Because we guarantee your bond back, we’ve been pleasing landlords, property managers and tenants for years. Like Cleaning, the preferred choice for End of Lease Cleaning Sydney

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