The Ultimate End Of Lease Cleaning Checklist

The Ultimate End Of Lease Cleaning Checklist
The Ultimate End Of Lease Cleaning Checklist

The Ultimate End Of Lease Cleaning Checklist

There is a lot to plan before you can successfully move house. You first have to find reliable movers, acquire packing materials, prepare the new home for your move, and more. Move-out cleaning is required if you are leaving a rented property. Using an end-of-lease cleaning checklist ensures you do not overlook anything and lose your bond money.

Renters may utilise the following cleaning tips to restore their rental home or apartment to its previous condition. When it comes to lease cleans, all landlords want their tenants to use a move-out cleaning checklist. Knowing exactly what you need to do for vacate cleaning allows you to plan ahead and not be overwhelmed on the day.

How Clean Must A Rental Property Be?

end of lease cleaning checklist

The regulations vary by jurisdiction, but in general, you must leave your home in reasonable condition to receive your entire deposit amount. Using a vacate clean checklist ensures this. Unless you explicitly agree to particular restrictions, they should be pretty clean.

You do not need to employ professional cleaners. However, it is optional to have someone else handle it if you promised the landlord to hire professional cleaners when you moved out. The only deviation will be if you have pets. For the carpets, at least, a cleaning checklist may not be adequate.

Moving may leave the property in less than ideal condition, muddy boots on the carpet, scuffed walls, or skirting boards, so the cleaning required may take a little longer than expected. Other factors include how much wear and tear is considered “fair” vs. “real damage”. There is a lot of disagreement about this.

Fair wear and tear refer to damage that has accrued to a home due to its occupants caring for it and using it. Pin and nail holes in the walls are considered damage. Wall cracks are considered normal wear and tear. These are items to keep in mind when you go through a move-out cleaning checklist for tenants.

Importance Of Hiring Professional Cleaners

Many landlords and agents insist that you get your carpets professionally cleaned before you leave your apartment. Although you have been there for some time, you are still legally obligated to leave the premises in the same condition that you found them in.

If you had the carpets professionally cleaned before you moved in, you should try to do the same thing while cleaning up after yourself. As long as you agreed to hire carpet cleaners when you signed your lease, you must do so when you vacate.

Cleaning Checklist Preparation

Wait until the home is empty before doing any cleaning. It is the most convenient method to make sure everything is well-cleaned before your home movers arrive, and it also offers you more space to work in when they arrive. Consider planning your relocation so you can return the following day to finish cleaning up any loose ends.

The following must be done in advance before beginning your move into a new home. You can use the checklist below to handle your move out cleaning needs:


Do not disregard the importance of giving yourself plenty of time. Give yourself at least two hours. Even if you believe you can do it all in an hour. End-of-lease cleaning involves a lot more work than you would expect.

Remove Everything Unnecessary

Make everything in the house disappear. Occasionally, a property will be furnished or partly furnished; in this case, you may keep what is there but need to remove anything else you own.


Do not move or pack any of your cleaning materials or equipment until you have everything cleaned. You would be amazed at how often individuals forget to take their vacuum cleaner with them when they move.

Cleaning Supplies You Need

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End of lease cleaning is a time-consuming but crucial task for which you must be well-prepared. The following items are required for a complete DIY lease cleaning:

  • Duster, cloth, towel, sweeper, and mop are examples of microfiber cleaners.
  • Multipurpose disinfectant cleaner.
  • Bottles, buckets, plastic cups, spray bottles, and other containers as required.
  • Dustpan, brushes, sponges, broom, magic erasers, and garbage bags.
  • Tools like vacuums, steam cleaners, or even a pressure washer for cleaning (whichever you have).
  • Bleach, sugar soap, sponges, and scouring pads.
  • Cleaning solution for windows.
  • Personal Protective Equipment includes gloves, masks, coveralls, goggles, and other protective clothing and accessories.

Wallpaper, Floors, And Upholstery

Here is a house cleaning list by room, so you know what has to be done for general and room-by-room cleaning. For starters, here is a checklist for cleaning walls, floors, and upholstery.

  • Scuff Marks

Look for scuff marks on your walls and wipe them with a damp cloth. Stuff that is staying should be placed to the front, so your house cleaning checklist gives you easy access to all of the inside walls. Warm water, soap, and sugar may all be used to make this cleaner. To avoid damaging the walls, do not scrape or scour them with anything. Be careful to follow through on whatever you say you will do.

  • Vacuuming

A comprehensive vacate cleaning checklist should include vacuuming all the carpets and having them professionally cleaned if necessary. To maintain these surfaces, employ a professional steam cleaner or do some light cleaning on a limited basis.

Vacuum all the window and sliding door tracks and any remaining upholstery from when you first moved in. Depending on how dirty the upholstery was when you moved in, you may want to look at different methods for cleaning it.

  • Mop and Sweep

Make a point of sweeping and mopping all of the hard surfaces in your home.

The Kitchen

end of lease cleaning checklist

Kitchens are notoriously difficult to clean, particularly if you are packing up and taking appliances with you.

  • Window Cleaner

To remove the streaks, use window cleaner or paper and vinegar.

  • Remove Nails

Another item on your home cleaning move-out checklist for the kitchen is to remove any nails used to hang objects like clocks or portraits from the wall and repair any holes left behind.

  • Clean Behind and Underneath

If you are going to leave anything behind, be sure to take it out so you can clean it underneath it and behind it.

  • Clean the Oven

Make sure your oven is clean. Baking soda and water may be used as an alternative to commercial oven cleaners if desired. Remove any stains, clean the range hood and filters, and ensure the light is working correctly.

  • Clean and Disinfect

Wash the dishes by hand and disinfect the dishwasher with a cup of bleach. Once the sinks are clean, the next item on the cleaning checklist is to remove all of the dirt and clean the faucets and draining board. If the item is made of stainless steel, a little mineral oil on a sponge can help it shine.

  • Trash Disposal

Keep the above things in mind when you clean the trash disposal, as well as all of the cabinets, drawers, benches, surfaces, and worktops. No apartment move-out cleaning checklist would be complete without reminding you to do all of these things.

  • Fan Maintenance

Using the vacuum on the extractor fan is the last step on the kitchen cleaning checklist before you move.

Living Room And Common Areas

end of lease cleaning checklist

End-of-lease cleaning tasks include cleaning common areas like the living room and bedrooms. The items on this checklist will need cleaning up before a renter vacates:

  • Windows

Streaks, tracks, and spills may all be removed once windows have been well cleaned and dried.

  • Remove Nails

Removing nails and making repairs to the walls are two of the most critical tasks.

  • Shelves and Drawers

Cleaning the shelves and drawers is a must.

  • Lighting

Do not forget to clean the light fixtures, check the bulb’s function, and clean the switches while doing this home cleaning checklist.

  • Trims, Picture Rails, and Doors

Trims, picture rails, and doors should be clean.

  • Remove All Debris

Remove and clean all of the debris from the vents, air conditioner, and fan blades.

  • Cobwebs and Dust

To remove cobwebs and dust from ceilings and corners, use a duster or vacuum cleaner.

  • Window Blinds or Curtains

The next item on the move-out home cleaning checklist is to clean the window blinds. Some may just need a little dusting, while others will require a thorough soaking in soapy water. Wash and re-hang any drapes that were already there when you arrived.

  • Move Permanent Items Back

Put everything back where it belongs for the agent or landlord’s departure inspection, including chairs, tables, and other furnishings.

Cleaning The Bathroom And Toilet

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You should include cleaning the bathroom and toilet on your tenant move-out cleaning checklist.

  • Toilet Bowl, Shower, and Sink

Disinfect and clean the toilet bowl, shower, and sinks.

  • Plugs, Screens, Showerheads, and Faucets

Clean the plug holes, screens, showerheads, and faucets thoroughly as well.

  • Vinegar and Bicarb Cleaning Solution

Use a vinegar and baking soda paste on the glass walls and shower doors to remove the foggy film.

  • Tiles

Clean the tiles and the grout between them, and have cleaning solutions on hand for mould.

  • Mirrors

Be careful to clean the mirror and the ceiling fan as well.

Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

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During a tenant move-out, the cleaning checklist for your bedroom is likely to be shorter than those for other rooms.

  • Remove the Furnishings

If you have removed the bed, wardrobe, and other furnishings, the room will likely be bare; nevertheless, there may be further damage to the walls that have to be repaired.

  • Windows

Make sure all of the windows and window sills are clean, as well as the skirting boards and other similar surfaces.

  • Carpets

Clean the carpet with a vacuum if necessary.

  • Mattresses

You should vacuum and clean the mattress before you leave.

  • Shelves and Closets

Cleaning and dusting all shelves and closets is the last task on the bond clean checklist.

House And Garage

end of lease cleaning services checklist

End-of-tenancy cleaning checklist ideas for the home and property include these additional items:

  • Outdoor Furniture

Make sure you clean the barbecue, patio furniture and other items outside before you leave.

  • Garage and Patio

On the home cleaning move-out checklist, do not forget to clean out the garage and patio, which tend to collect dust and cobwebs.

  • Damage Caused by Pets

Check any pet damage and get it fixed immediately.

  • Mailbox and Composter

Recycle everything and make sure the mailbox and compost container is spotless.

  • Access Points

Vacuum the garage, the driveway, and any other access points. Make sure the shed and garage are free of trash and clutter.

  • Garage Doors

Open the garage doors and spray them with water.

Why Choose A Home Cleaner?

Hiring professional cleaners is often the best choice when relocating, even though it may seem a bit costly. Experienced home cleaners can assist with all elements of cleaning out a rental, home, or business. Whether you utilise them or a rental cleaning checklist depends on your time and money.

Do not be scared to ask for quotes and see what you can come up with. Following your End of lease cleaning checklist template, take photos of everything. In this way, landlords will not be able to accuse you of damaging their properties when you have pictures of them.