What is the best way to automate Airbnb rental properties?

What is the best way to automate Airbnb rental properties?
What is the best way to automate Airbnb rental properties?

What is the best way to automate Airbnb rental properties?

What is Airbnb Automation?

As a first step, automation refers to the use of technology or service to automate a process. Owning an Airbnb while juggling a busy work schedule can be quite hectic especially when you have to manually clean the property every time there is a turnover, which can take hours. By hiring a professional Airbnb cleaner, you can take care of your property from halfway around the world and be assured it will be cleaned properly every time. Your rental will meet industry standards for cleanliness, so you don’t have to worry about dirty work.

How It Works

Airbnb’s and Vacation Rentals are specialties of Get It Right Cleaning Services in Adelaide. Our company has taken on a number of contracts with private & professional hosts in this area over the past few years. Download our checklist for Airbnb cleanings.
Reach out to us with your property, we will provide you with an estimate and arrange the cleaning dates. With a short term rental, you can do what you need to do and forget about the dirty work.

Why should you hire professionals to clean your home?

Cleaning gets more guests.

In a short term stay, cleanliness is more important than location for Airbnb hosts. The professionals at our company are trained to have an eye for detail, which many people lack when it comes to cleaning. You will be able to make your renters feel well taken care of, which will increase your chances of obtaining a 5 star rating.

Services provided by our Host Cleaning Service

As a rule of thumb, we recommend having your short term rental property cleaned thoroughly before you take in your first guests or engage our services. In order to maintain your place to industry standards of cleanliness, our cleaning specialists will bring your space to industry standards and then perform routine maintenance cleanings between tenant turnovers.


We have many hosts who require that you check out by noon and check in after 3pm. Having multiple towels and a second set of linens is therefore a good idea. In addition to replacing linen, making your beds, and cleaning and returning new linen, our Airbnb cleaning services in Adelaide can also clean and return fresh towels.


Our hosts can and do utilize a key holding service and greeting service at an additional cost. Those from overseas are particularly fond of this service.

We Serve You What You Need

We offer custom cleaning solutions for each property. Our services are tailored according to your specifications and requirements. If you would like a quote for your Airbnb or short-term rental property, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Airbnb Cleaning Services in Adelaide, SA.

We provide customized cleaning solutions that go beyond the standard house cleaning services in Adelaide, SA. Our mission is to ensure our customers receive the best cleaning services available. We work hard to provide pristine cleaning to every customer.
Whether you have a house, a business, or an Airbnb rental, we will provide you with a higher standard of cleaning service. The cleaning service we provide is insured, bonded, and background-checked, and we give our clients a spotless clean every time.