Don’t Make These 10 Mistakes During Your End of Lease Cleaning

Don’t Make These 10 Mistakes During Your End of Lease Cleaning
Don’t Make These 10 Mistakes During Your End of Lease Cleaning

Don’t Make These 10 Mistakes During Your End of Lease Cleaning

No matter what, do not go easy on the end of lease cleaning. If anything goes wrong, you will end up losing your bond and the deposited money. So whether you start the cleaning well ahead of your vacating date or not, focus on meticulously cleaning all the parts of your building.

There is a lot of confusion about choosing between cleaning yourself or hiring a professional firm for end of lease cleaning Melbourne. Irrespective of your choice, there is a need to double-check the cleaning before the landlord inspects it.

To make the end of lease cleaning easier and error-free, it would be best to learn about the common mistakes committed during the end of lease cleaning. This article will walk you through ten costly mistakes to avoid during the cleaning process.

Cleaning it the wrong way

There are a few basic standard procedures you should be aware of when you are cleaning. While cleaning it the wrong way will not affect the results, it will make the cleaning process more time-consuming.

So you will feel exhausted even before half the work gets done. The most common mistake is that people clean a room randomly. They sweep, mop, and dust the shelves and later clean the fans. If you are doing the same, well, you are doing it entirely wrong. Experts suggest you always follow a top-down approach – start from cleaning the ceiling and progress downloads, with the last being mopping the floor.

Not emptying the rooms before cleaning

There is a difference between regular cleaning and end of lease cleaning. While you do your weekly or monthly cleaning, your focus is to remove the debris and keep the rooms neat and hygienic. But when you clean during the end of the lease, you are responsible for cleaning every nook and corner thoroughly.

If you do not declutter before cleaning, you are in for more trouble. Say there is a pile of cloth in one corner of the room. So you leave and clean the rest of it. When your landlord inspects, that particular area alone would remain unclean. It might cost you dearly. So declutter and remove as much furniture as possible before you clean. Even if you go for a professional home cleaning Melbourne, it is best to empty the rooms before the team starts cleaning.

Not investing in quality cleaning products

There is nothing wrong with opting for DIY cleaning. However, it would help if you prioritized getting premium cleaning products. For example, a vacuum that doesn’t suit your floor or a bad quality mop will do more bad than good.

It is best if you could buy the best quality and advanced tools. Investing in quality products will help you derive quality results.

Lack of planning and checklist preparation

Nothing helps as much as preparation does. A clear plan and checklist will go a long way in helping you out. Your cleaning process will get more complicated without a proper schedule or planning.

It could be one of the biggest and costliest mistakes you can make. When you do not have a plan and checklist ready, you are inclined to overlook many crucial spots. So always prepare a planned schedule and a checklist.

Overlooking tough marks and molds

Do not get lazy while cleaning your property. The landlord will notice the walls immediately, and if the stain marks are not gone, you are in big trouble.

Try using powerful solutions and get rid of the tough marks. Additionally, do not overlook the molds. Remove the molds; else, the landlord might deduct a considerable chunk of your deposit money. Please inform the property owner about the molds and do all you can to remove them. If you find it difficult to remove the stain marks and molds, it is best to contact a professional agency.

Scrubbing the carpet stain

Carpet cleaning needs extra attention. Don’t complain later that you were not warned. Take additional care of your carpets. Since carpet cleaning Melbourne requires special equipment and mechanisms, you could leave it to the experts.

If you decide to do it yourself, remember that scrubbing or rubbing the carpet stains will do no good. It will only ruin your carpet’s fabric and lessen its quality appearance and lifetime. Also, select the right cleaning product for carpets if you want your carpets to stay intact.

Leaving out the outside area of your building

Most often, people clean only the inside of the building and do not pay enough attention to outer areas like the balcony, lawn, or garden. Therefore, it is important to declutter and tidy the outside areas. 

Not cleaning the dishwasher and kitchen area

Cleaning the kitchen is a tedious task. When you clean the prominent areas in the kitchen like the floors, cabinets, cooking area, oven, and others, you might assume that kitchen cleaning is done. However, this is where you go wrong.

It would help if you cleaned the dishwashers, the inner areas of storage cabinets, skating boards, windows, chimney areas, and a lot more. So always pay detailed attention while cleaning the kitchen.

Using strong sprays on electronics

Using sanitizers and sprays to clean your electronics is a good practice. However, using wrong or strong sprays on your electronics is a blunder. For example, the typical sprays used to clean the windows should not be used for electronics.

Remember, electronic items require huge investments, and a small cleaning error would result in the deduction of your bond money. So seek professional guidance or hire agencies to get your electronic items cleaned.

Missing out on the obvious

It is hard to figure out why people miss out on the most obvious things while cleaning. But often, people make the blunder of leaving out fans, ceilings, dusting cobwebs, cleaning skirting boards, or wiping window sills. While these are simple areas to be cleaned, it is crucial you do not miss out on cleaning them. You could also opt for professional home cleaning Melbourne to get it thoroughly cleaned.

In a nutshell

Checking through this list while cleaning your building will help you redefine your focus areas. When you minimize these errors, you can quickly get your bond back.

End of lease cleaning is a complicated task, so don’t worry about committing mistakes. You are good to go if you recheck the vital areas and clean them meticulously. To enjoy a more seamless and hassle-free cleaning experience, you can hire professional end of lease cleaning agencies.