Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Like Cleaning Privacy Statement

Protecting Your Privacy
LIKE CLEANING SERVICES GROUP is committed to providing the highest possible customer service. As part of this effort, we ensure that your privacy is respected and protected.

We are required to inform all of our customers about the following information by the Privacy Act.

Like cleaning services group
We at LIKE CLEANING SERVICES GROUP offer home and commercial cleaning services delivered by franchisees who are fully trained and supported by the company.

The Personal Information you provide
Like Cleaning Services Group may collect personal information about you, including your name, date of birth, gender, date of marriage anniversary, current address, telephone number, and e-mail address. In addition, we may keep records of the services we have previously provided. These records are held in strict confidence.

The level of service we aim to provide you may not be possible if you do not provide the personal information we request.

We obtain personal information in the following ways:
As part of its business, LIKE CLEANING SERVICES GROUP collects personal data from its customers. Customers can submit information orally, in writing, or by e-mail.

We utilize your personal information in the following manner:

Our services are tailored to your needs
So we can acknowledge special occasions such as birthdays By keeping you informed about upcoming products and services that are available to you, we are able to improve, control, and maintain quality

Providing franchisees with your service requests
We disclose your personal information as follows:
LIKE CLEANING SERVICES GROUP does not divulge any personal information about its customers to third parties. Our sole purpose in collecting customer information is to provide the most effective best level of customer service.

Should we wish to use any of this personally identifiable information, information, or data for any other purpose than that described above, we will not do so without your express consent.

These exceptions include:
Disclosure is warranted if there are reasonable grounds to believe that a threat to life or health is imminent; The disclosure must be made in certain situations, such as when it is required by law or is reasonably necessary to assist a law enforcement agency.

Protect your information with caution.
As part of our commitment to maintaining the accuracy, completeness, and up-to-dateness of all information we collect, use or disclose, we will place the information in a secure environment inaccessible to anyone other than authorized personnel. maintains a secure environment for the transmission, receipt, and storage of information. System administration routinely monitors transmissions sent and received by

There is no way to guarantee 100% security for data transmission over the internet. The information you transmit to us and the information we receive from you online is not protected from misuse, loss, or unauthorized access. However, we strive to protect your personal information against misuse, loss, and unauthorized access. You are responsible for these activities. We make every effort to ensure the security of your transmission after receiving it.

Information Access and Update
You can access, modify, and modify your personal information at any time. Additionally, you can edit and update your info to keep it up to date.

How To Contact Us
If you have any questions regarding privacy, please contact us on
Phone: 1300 847679
Mail: PO Box 595, Marden SA 5070


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