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Carpet Cleaning Perth

  • Antibacterial and pathogen removal system
  • Dust and dirt is cleaned deeply with specialist equipment
  • Your carpet can have a new lease on life
  • Don’t replace your carpet, deep clean it!
  • Feel the clean carpet under your feet
  • Allow us to seal your carpet with stain protection
  • Make your carpets and home feel fresh again
  • Value for money and exceptional service
  • Regular client and multi service discounts apply

Germs are Gone !

Your carpets are typically the most ignored thing in your home, despite appearing to be hygienically clean and sanitary. Vacuuming alone is insufficient to remove germs and allergies from shoes, dogs, and food. Only a professional cleaning service such as Like Cleaning can deliver the level of cleaning required for healthy and germ-free carpets and homes.

We only utilise the most advanced carpet cleaning technology to penetrate deeply into your carpet fibres. We prevent allergens, mould, and bacteria from entering your family home or office. We are the carpet cleaning experts in Perth!

Clean and Fresh

A regular carpet cleaning routine, perhaps once or twice a year, is definitely worth it in the long run. The majority of families spend a significant amount of time on their carpets at home. It’s a place where kids and their families can unwind and play. Unfortunately, due to the various bacteria and allergens that have built up over time, dirty carpets can be the source of colds and flu. Our methods penetrate deeply into your carpets, removing harmful bacteria that can cause nasty health problems. Your house or office carpets will be clean and sanitary after a steam cleaning from Like Cleaning!

carpet cleaning Perth

The Perth Like Carpet Cleaning Process:

We determine the type of carpeting and the number of rooms that require cleaning
We evaluate each room’s condition and explore the possibilities of adding additional carpet protection.
When we come to your home, we determine the best location for our hot water extraction cleaning equipment.
To avoid further damage, our carpet cleaning expert ensures that shoe covers are used.
We choose the best treatment for your carpet based on its fabric type. The solution is then pumped deep into the carpet fibres, loosening dirt and particles. The strong suction eliminates all pollutants while the hot water destroys microorganisms.
Following that, we clean any rugs that require it using the most appropriate approach. This is an add-on option.
Carpets will be touch dry in 2 to 4 hours following a professional steam cleaning.

Care for Your Carpets

When you get a Like Cleaning Perth Carpet Cleaning experience, we make your home feel light and airy. You’ll wonder why you waited so long after we’ve given your carpets some TLC! If you desire that new feeling

after build cleaning


Frequently Asked Questions

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We provide professional cleaning solutions for both domestic & commercial properties in Perth, using high tech cleaning equipment & eco-friendly products

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