Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane


  • Pet stains, food spills, odour removal
  • Air quality and general home health is improved
  • Removal of allergens and bacteria
  • Carpets become easier to maintain
  • More comfort and pleasure from your carpets
  • Stain protection against further mishaps
  • Refresh the feel of your home
  • Fast, reliable and friendly service
  • Combined service discounts and multi room rates apply

Professional Carpet Cleaning

When you need the very best in carpet cleaning, Like Cleaning are the experts. In Brisbane, we specialise in deep carpet cleaning and stain removal. There’s no need to invest in new floor coverings, because we can truly revive your carpets, so they look as good as new! We are trustworthy carpet cleaning professionals who can also take care of any delicate rugs that you may need taken care of.

We recommend having your carpets professionally steam cleaned a couple times per year so as to prevent the nasty build-up of dead skin, allergens, pathogens, dirt and dust. All these things may be causing you and your family unnecessary harm. We can take care of the problems, so you can always breathe easy.

The Latest in Carpet Cleaning Services

We only employ the latest in carpet cleaning technology. Our equipment penetrates deeply into the carpet fibre to agitate all contaminants. Our premium industry standard Carpet Cleaning formula allows the power of heat and steam to disperse any grime which may be hiding deep within your flooring. Our powerful and purposeful vacuum system is designed to work with our eco-friendly formula to withdraw all stains and nasties which you no longer want to invade your beautiful home. We have what it takes to get the job done right.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane

When We Clean Your Carpets:

Professional Carpet Cleaner Brisbane
Upon confirmation of the number of rooms required to be cleaned, we confirm whether or not there are any particular stains that need special attention. It is at this point we can provide the best quote to you and get to work making your home fresh and clean.
Affordable Carpet Cleaner Brisbane
Once we arrive, we simply and quickly set up our state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment in a suitable location and we get to work.
Price for Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane
We always make sure we use shoe coverings so leave no trace of where we’ve been. You will only end up with clean, fresh carpets.
Hire Professional Carpet Cleaner Brisbane
The appropriate formula is selected for the type and age of your carpet. We pay special attention to any particular stains which may be needing extra work to get the best results.
Carpet Cleaning Services Brisbane
If required, we will carefully and meticulously clean any rugs which need cleaning.
Carpet Cleaning Pet Brisbane
We can apply a special stain protection formula which makes the removal of any mishaps a lot easier and can make your carpet last years longer
Professional Carpet Cleaner Near Brisbane
Carpets will be touch dry in around 2-4 hours

Get Pro Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, Soft and Lovely

Your carpets should make your home feel like home. Don’t put up with dirty, stained carpets any longer. Like Cleaning can Professionally Steam Clean your Brisbane Carpets today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We have some difficult stains like blood and vomit. Is this a problem?

Do you clean office and workplace carpets?

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We provide professional cleaning solutions for both domestic & commercial properties in Brisbane, using high tech cleaning equipment & eco-friendly products


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