After Construction Cleaning Sydney

After Construction Cleaning Sydney
  • Cleaning that is hassle-free allows you to get back to loving your life
  • Quotes that remain fixed even after examination
  • Rapid and precise
  • Specialists in renovation and property repair cleaning
  • Industrial-strength equipment to complete the job correctly
  • Experienced and conscientious post-construction cleaners
  • Combining services entitles you to cheaper costs
  • We can clean work areas both inside and outside your residence or business
  • Any job, any size
  • Rates that are affordable and competitive, tailored to your specific requirements
  • Availability every day of the week
  • Professional cleaners who are fully qualified, insured, and vetted

Professional After Builders cleaning services in Sydney

Days or weeks of tradespeople have been working noisily and people coming and going have disturbed your daily routine. The tradies have gone and finally you may rest… So you were thinking! Debris, dust and leftover building materials are still in your recently remodelled residence. Call us, there’s no need to stress or even lift a finger!

Like Cleaning, with our After Builder Cleaning services Sydney & After construction cleaning Sydney can come to the rescue. We have the experience to get your life back to normal asap! We’ll have your property feeling fresh and clean with no stress!

Dust Is Gone

Like Cleaning After Construction Cleaning Sydney & After Builder Cleaners have years of cleaning experience. We know what to expect, and we know what to do. We eliminate all potentially harmful silica powder which naturally appears in much of the construction materials. This is one of the most critical components of After Builder Cleaning. We are well prepared with all the personal protection equipment to ensure that you can return home to the tranquil and pleasant environment that you deserve. Pricing for all our After Builder services and After construction cleaning Sydney are affordable. Once we evaluate the property, we provide you with a free fixed quote.

After Construction Cleaning Sydney

Our After Construction Cleaning process

Newly constructed and completely refurbished properties (unfurnished)
  • Every door, skirting board, handrail, surface, windowsill, and window frame is thoroughly cleaned and detailed.
  • Builders dust is removed, and all walls and ceilings are spot cleaned.
  • Every fixture is meticulously cleaned to remove any remaining plaster, paint, or tape. This comprises light sockets and switches, as well as other associated hardware.
  • Additionally, we clean the inside of the windows to remove any remaining dust. We can also clean the outer window surface upon request.
  • To ensure the area is comfortable and safe to occupy, the flooring is properly cleaned and/or wet mopped.
Completely Refurbished Properties (furnished)
  • We fulfil all of the preceding.
  • All furniture is dusted and cleaned down meticulously, including the interiors of cupboards and drawers, cabinets and pantries.
  • All glass and mirrors are left residue-free, fingerprint-free, and streak-free.
  • Upholstery and carpets are professionally cleaned.
  • Every appliance, including televisions, PCs, and microwaves, are dusted and cleaned hygienically.
Semi Refurbished (Furnished or unfurnished)
  • Extensive spot cleaning of necessary walls and floors
  • Dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning the designated area
  • Specific rooms are thoroughly cleaned and detailed in accordance with the aforementioned techniques.

The Final Finish

Like Cleaning provides the cherry on top while having your house renovated or remodelled. Allow us to add the final touches to your pride and joy by offering you the highest quality After Builder Cleaning service in Sydney.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you steam clean the carpets and windows at the same time?

Can you clean while the builders are still here?

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We provide professional cleaning solutions for both domestic & commercial properties in Sydney, using high tech cleaning equipment & eco-friendly products

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