Office Cleaning Adelaide

Office Cleaning Adelaide

Professional Office Cleaners in Adelaide

Office cleanliness is shown to have a significant impact on increasing productivity in business. More so, cleaning office desks is important for health as over 400 times the amount of germs present in the bathroom toilet can be found here.

This rate contributes to the average number of office workers sick every day. What can you do to prevent your office workers from getting sick and increase their productivity? Well, that’s where out Office Cleaning Services comes into play

By implementing professional office cleaning program, you can prevent germs from spreading and keep your workers from getting distracted because of clutter. We understand that you thrive to demonstrate the most value of your building and we can help you with that.

Office Cleaning Adelaide

Office Cleaning Services Package

We can provide you with professional commercial cleaning service programs that are tailored to fit your needs. Whatever your needs maybe, rest assured that we can deliver you a cleaning program that offers you consistent and superior quality cleaning that will enhance the value of your office or business.

A clean facility is essential for making a good impression on your employees and visitors. With us, you can take advantage of:

  • Cleaner, much better-smelling restrooms using proper disinfection
  • Consistent attention to detail when it comes to dusting and vacuuming
  • Office cleaning programs tailored to your needs
Office Cleaning Adelaide

Office cleaning services package

  • Full cleaned of ladies and gentlemen toilets and bathrooms
  • Changed all bins and refill rolls
  • Cleaned laundry floor and faces
  • Full cleaned of kitchen cupboards faces included sink, microwave and fridge
  • Dusted off all desks and chairs
  • Dusted off all PCs and phones
  • Removed all cobwebs from ceiling and corners
  • Changed all rooms rubbish bins
  • Wiped all switches and door handles
  • Vacuumed all floor
  • Moped all wet, wooden and tiles floor

Budget, Customized Cleaning Program

There isn’t a one cleaning program that fits all budgets and needs. Each facility has unique needs, expectations as well as budget requirements. We recognised this, and so we came up with customised cleaning programs tailored to your needs and budget. This way we can ensure that your bottom line will be respected and you don’t have to look anywhere for anything you need.

Office Cleaning Adelaide

Count on Consistent Cleaning Service

What you can count the most with our office cleaning service is consistency. While most office features the same areas like offices, cubicles, conference rooms, lobby, break rooms, etc., their office cleaning requirements might not be the same. That is why we have consistent attention to detail in every dusting and vacuuming service we do. Additionally, we use certified and efficient disinfection processes. With that, we ensure that not one bit of your office is overlooked in our office cleaning services.

Office Restroom Cleaning

Bathrooms are the highest risk germ area in the office. Almost every surface of the bathroom can be contaminated with faecal toxins and with the bad odour, it is even worse. This can lead to illnesses in the workplace, and we can work on eliminating this risk. We can help you keep your employees happy and healthy through cleaner, better-smelling restrooms.

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