Domestic Cleaning Adelaide

Domestic Cleaning Adelaide

Domestic Home Cleaning Adelaide

We are also specialised in domestic cleaning Adelaide services. Our team handles different domestic cleaning tasks efficiently and professionally. our company provides two forms of cleaning services which are one-off spring cleans and regular fortnightly or weekly cleaning service. Like Clean Group is so glad to cater for all your home cleaning needs with services like polishing, dusting and vacuuming. We aim to provide our valued clients with a personal clean tailored to your home, at your convenience.

We offer our regular cleaning service at a price you can truly afford. It’s a weekly clean that includes all cleaning duties, tailored to your requirements. We will introduce you to one of our cleaners, and when you feel comfortable to work with that person, he or she will be your regular cleaner, giving a personalised service that would stay on top of all domestic responsibilities. Other Our benefits: national security check, child screen check, insurance $20 million and qualified cleaners.

We could even arrange to securely and surely hold your keys, should you want to come home and see your house looking clean and comfortable to live in. There are lots of references if required to chat

Domestic Cleaning Adelaide

Domestic cleaning services package

  • Full cleaned of toilets and bathrooms
  • Full cleaned of kitchen cupboards faces included cooktop, oven face, dishwasher face and sink
  • Cleaned laundry floor and faces
  • Changed all rubbish bins bags
  • Removed all cobwebs from ceiling and corners of room
  • Wiped all windows sill
  • Dusted off all furniture and rooms
  • Clean all switches and door handles
  • Vacuumed all floor and skirting
  • Moped all wet, wooden and tiles floor
Domestic Cleaning Adelaide

Home Cleaning Service

It is simply a one-off spring clean, and it is intense, complete, and it makes your home completely pristine. The clean could last for up to 6 hours, but this may depend on the condition and size of your home. It is one payment for an entirely professional clean which would make your house spotless while you are at work or doing your other day to day activities. The cost of one-off clan differs on the location of your house, and then you fill out the inquiry form to obtain the exact prices for your home.

If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to visit our Contact Us page.

Our cleaning services are for you. Our services are specifically designed for you, and from the moment that you talk to us, your service and your peace of mind will become our top priorities. We will get to work and find a suitable cleaner that will keep your home clean. We are proud of our unique service points:

  • The fee that you would pay will never increase throughout your contract’s life, so your needed cleaning hours will not decrease or increase.
  • We care about the Mother Earth, and we are working only with the local cleaners. This means we do not use excessive fuel and vans. Our leaflets are even made of recycled paper.
  • Some of our active home cleaners were working for us for several years
  • We talk with any potential filters inside their houses, inspecting their ability in cleaning

Most cleaning firms would send various cleaners or groups of cleaners to your property on every visit. We understand that you gain the best clean if an individual cleaner could get to know your address. We are giving our very best to make sure that you will meet the cleaner as soon as possible. You would also receive unlimited support throughout the time that you receive the services we render.

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