Professional End of Lease Cleaning FAQ’s

Professional End of Lease Cleaning FAQ’s
Professional End of Lease Cleaning FAQ’s

Professional End of Lease Cleaning FAQ’s

End of Lease Cleaning is an important task to complete before moving to a new building. However, it is one of the most challenging and complicated tasks. If every nook and cranny of your building is not clean, you might not get back your bond.

What the landlords expect is a standardised cleaning. If you manage to make it as clean as when you moved in, your job is done. However, there are different aspects to the end of lease cleaning, and you need to address all of them.

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions to help you understand the end of cleaning and related procedures.

Bond cleaning is the thorough cleaning of your rental property, whether domestic or office, at the end of your lease term. It is also widely known as the end of lease cleaning and exit cleaning.

  • Why is the end of lease cleaning needed?

The end of lease cleaning is a legal requirement. Its purpose is to restore the rental property to the earlier condition when you moved in. So it should be as clean and neat as possible. Only if you clean your building at the end of the lease will you get your bond back. So the end of lease cleaning is necessary to get your bond and deposit back.

  • How long does it take for end of lease cleaning?

On average, it will take 4-6 hours to one day for a standard three-bedroom property to be cleaned. If the building is much smaller, it takes 3-4 hours. Most of the buildings are cleaned within one day. The time taken might vary based on the size of the building and the professional agency you approach.

  • What are the standard services included at the end of lease cleaning?

The end of lease cleaning includes an extensive checklist of places to be cleaned. A standard cleaning checklist is more or less the same across different professional agencies. It includes dusting and mopping every room. Other than that, the cleaning can be classified based on the rooms and location. They are divided into – kitchen, bathroom, living room, and garden. The services include cleaning windows, cabinets, vents, stains, floors, shelves, and others.

  • Is professional cleaning required?

Hiring for a professional end of lease cleaning agency is not mandatory. You can do the cleaning yourself. However, there are several additional benefits in hiring professional agencies. While you do the cleaning, you will have to pay for the equipment. The expenses spent on these can outgrow your budget.

On the contrary, professional agencies are affordable. Moreover, their services are top-notch, and you can quickly get back your bond. So it is advisable to opt for professional cleaning agencies.

  • What is the guarantee policy?

The guarantee policy offered by the professional agencies is your biggest plus. Say in case your landlord disapproves of the cleaning. You can immediately call back the agency. As per your bond back guarantee, if you call back within the stipulated time, the agency will re-clean the house and specific spaces which did not meet your expectations.

  • How much does an end of lease cleaning cost?

The end of lease cleaning Adelaide is affordable and cheap. The starting pay could cost as low as $199. In addition, the average pay could be somewhere between $250 – $400. However, the end of lease cleaning cost largely depends on the nature of the building and its location.

  • Should I be present during the end of lease cleaning?

No. There is no need for you to be present at the time of Domestic cleaning Adelaide. You can leave the keys with us and enjoy your free time. So it is your wish to stay back or do other work during the end of lease cleaning.

  • What if there are pets at home?

Most professional agencies train their employees to be pet-friendly. So if your pet is not nervous around strangers, feel free to leave them roaming around. However, if they get anxious when meeting unknown people, keep them safe in a different spot.

  • What is a deep clean?

Deep clean services are provided by professional agencies for first-time customers. That is, if your building hasn’t been professionally cleaned before or if they haven’t been cleaned in the last three months, agencies offer deep cleaning service.

  • What is carpet cleaning?

Carpets may look clean but contain a lot of dirt and allergens. So carpet steam cleaning is essential. Professional agencies use special equipment for Carpet cleaning Adelaide. Their expertise helps clean the carpet and extend its life while ensuring the dampness does not remain in the carpet. So if you want to include carpet cleaning in your checklist, which is necessary if you have pets, always contact a professional agency.

  • Should the electricity be switched off during the end of lease cleaning?

No. The cleaning team will require electricity for equipment connections, hot water, etc. So it is best to leave the electricity on during the end of lease cleaning.

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  • Should I leave my property empty for end of lease cleaning?

It is advisable to clear your property and leave it empty for end of lease cleaning. It will help the professionals to clean the entire building thoroughly. Even otherwise, remember to clear the clutters like books and clothes on the floor and remove possible furniture. It ensures that the professional agency has access to all corners of the building, and it will help them clean it quickly and thoroughly.

  • How many people will usually be sent for end of lease cleaning?

Typically, professional agencies send 3 to 4 people to a building for the end of lease cleaning. However, the number of people varies based on the size of the property.

  • How to select a professional end of lease cleaning agency?

Hiring a professional end of lease cleaning agency will save you both time and money. You will also get a clean house that shines like a new one. So when you select a professional agency, look out for their experience, amount charged, licence, services offered, equipment used, guarantee provided, reviews, and ratings. Check all these factors and decide on the right end of lease cleaning agency.