How can you extend carpet life?

How can you extend carpet life?
How can you extend carpet life?

How can you extend carpet life?

As long as this is possible, every provident housewife seeks different ways to keep her carpet in the condition in which it was purchased. That is totally understandable – carpets are usually an expensive investment. The same is true of any kind of chemical treatment. At the very least, chemical treatment reduces the life of the carpet – decolouration is usually the least that occurs, while a more extreme form of chemical treatment can cause the carpet fibres to thin or even break down.

Vacuum Carpet Cleaning with a Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum-cleaning can also damage the carpet significantly since the carpet fibers are easily thorned on this method even though it cannot be noticed directly. This is particularly true if you use powerful vacuum cleaners. One morning you wake up and realize that the carpet is not the one you like – it’s thinner, the colors are faded, etc. What can be done in such a case?
If you don’t let your carpet reach this condition, it will be best for you. And that doesn’t mean you should stop carpet cleaning! To protect your carpet from serious and stubborn dirt, you should use proven carpet cleaning practices. Below we explain what these practices are. The tips so far, just like all others, have been provided by the experts in carpet cleaning from Premium Carpet Cleaning, as we proudly call them, and this is for good reason.

Home Carpet Cleaning & The Rules

Every home door should be protected by a physical barrier such as a practical mat. That is what will significantly reduce the presence of sand particles and dirt particles on your carpets at home. Additionally, it is a good idea to have such a mat in front of the kitchen door. So, when you leave the kitchen where you cook and eat, you don’t have to worry that spices and leftovers will spread throughout the house. A coconut fiber mat ought to be at least four feet long, so that you can wipe your shoes, slippers, or feet on it before entering, and be comfortable walking on the carpets without damaging them.

Do not wear shoes inside the house.

There are a lot of people who have this unbreakable rule about not wearing shoes inside the house. It is a great idea to protect carpets against dirt in such a way. However! In such cases, you should wear slippers. Walking around in just socks may cause more problems than walking with shoes, so it is not recommended. On the carpets and then on the mats, fibers and threads from socks are easily transferred. After some time has passed, you will not be able to remove them from the carpet if you do not remove them immediately. The last thing you want is a carpet with holes and broken integrity.
Rain can easily cause dirt on your carpet, so even if you have a mat in front of the door, you should be very careful. When this happens, sand particles get deeply embedded into the carpet fibers, and act as a grater. Even though we mentioned it above, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis to remove the sand particles. Additionally, we remind you that you should always take into account the power of the device you are using and how it may affect your fibers.

If You Spill Something On The Carpet, What Should You Do?

When you drop food or spill something on the carpet, you should always clean it up as soon as possible, but using absorbent paper without rubbing it. Leaving a stain on your carpet for too long will cause it to break down. There will not only be one unpleasant stain at the end, but it is quite likely to be sticky and clog more pores. In cases where the stain is already a fact and it is too late to take timely actions, it is best to treat the stain with natural products first – baking soda, vinegar, white wine, etc., and then wipe it away immediately. You can then use standard carpet cleaning products if the result is not satisfactory.
Vacuuming the carpet’s back side with the vacuum cleaner is another useful practice. Do you have any experience with it? There is a surprising amount of dirt that you will be able to remove from there if you have not done it already.

What is Scotchgard protector?

As a last but not the least important piece of advice, cover the carpet with Scotch guard on its entire surface. It is a unique way of putting one invisible shield on your carpet, but at the same time no one will ever know. This method has so many benefits. When you regularly apply it since the purchase of your carpet, the colors will be protected in a way that no one will believe that your carpet is 5-6 years old. If you spill something, it’s more practical and useful because you won’t go crazy about it. When a liquid is spilled on a smooth surface, is it ever absorbed? Also, beverages will spill on your carpet protected by Scotch Guard.

Carpet Cleaning at Home Not Working?

As a final recommendation, we recommend using professional carpet cleaning services at least twice a year. The results that you can achieve with professional assistance cannot be compared with the results you can achieve with a vacuum and/or carpet cleaning product alone.
Additionally, you can expect to be surprised by how well fibers can look – it’s like fibers are “going live” again. It is important to point out that we must admit that our last statement is based on the opinions that our clients have – they all are extremely delighted with the services that Premium Carpet Cleaning provides. It is so nice to hear that our clients have the same opinion as us.