How To Clean A Fabric Sofa

How To Clean A Fabric Sofa
How To Clean A Fabric Sofa

How To Clean A Fabric Sofa

Fabric Sofa Cleaning Guide

Do you want to know how to clean your fabric sofa thoroughly and even naturally? Though fabric sofas can be very cosy, they can be a nightmare when it comes to cleaning. Spills are often bound to happen from time to time, and so you must know how to take care of them as well. After all, it is impossible to just wrap our couches with plastic because of being afraid of spills, right?

Read on to learn some practical cleaning tips on cleaning your cosy fabric sofas.

Factors To Consider When Cleaning Your Fabric Sofa

There are a few variables that you need to keep in mind while cleaning your sofas. Remember that not all couches have the same materials or fabric, so it is better to check all the factors before cleaning them.

Here are some tips that you should put into consideration to clean your fabric sofa properly:

Review the Manufacturer’s Guidelines

The sofa’s manufacturer’s instructions are not there for nothing, so utilise them to the fullest. Before you start cleaning your fabric sofa, always check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions beforehand.

This will ensure that whatever methods you are using to remove stains from your sofa will, in fact, work for it. Not checking this or doing whatever you want might flat-out ruin your couch.

Tags Can Answer Many Cleaning Questions

We all have tags on our couches, don’t we? If you cannot find your manufacturer’s instructions, all you have to do is look at the tags of your fabric couch. That tag will clue you in on various essential facts, like whether the material is soluble in water or not.

You should know that the tag has two sides. The cleaning of the sofa cover is addressed on one side, whereas the other side provides information about washing the cushions. So, make sure that you are identifying the right side in order to apply the correct cleaning method.

Read the Codes on the Cleaning Tags Properly

You have probably come across some random letter on your sofa’s cleaning tag. However, they are not random and do, in fact, have a purpose. You will always find one of the following four letters on the cleaning tag on your sofa, and here’s what they mean:

  • W: The ‘W’ stands for water-based cleaners and what it means is that only water-based cleaners should be used while cleaning the fabric sofa. What this particular type of cleaner means is that it uses water as the main component.
  • S: Here, the ‘S’ means solvents, a solution that uses a cleaning chemical as the main component. If you have ‘S’ on your sofa, it means to deeply clean it, and only solvents should be used.
  • S/W: If you want to clean the fabric of your sofa and the tag has ‘S/W’ in it, it means that you can use both solvents and water-based cleaners.
  • X: Having an ‘X’ in the tag of your couch means that you can only use a vacuum to clean it.

Never Deviate from the Recommended Cleaning Methods

You should never deviate from the advised cleaning methods that are mentioned in the tags. Even though water might seem innocuous, it will leave a stain on your sofa if it calls for a solvent-based cleaner.

So do not risk ruining your furniture and just follow the instructions to the letter. Stick to the manufacturer’s guide on the tags to make your sofa clean, as the manufacturer knows what’s best for your couch.

Effective Cleaning Products For Your Fabric Sofa

fabric sofas

Cleaning your fabric sofa could be a hassle if you do not know the right products to use. To get the best outcome, you can use one or a mixture of the products mentioned below:

  • Dry brush
  • Vacuum
  • Baking soda
  • Steamer
  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Drying towel

One of the best cleaning hacks that you can apply is the vinegar method to quickly remove dirt from your fabric sofa. For this, all you have to do is add a few drops of vinegar to half a cup of water. Then apply the solution through a spray bottle and blot the area with a dry paper towel. This will help to lift the stain but remember not to rub it.

How To Clean Your Fabric Sofa

Spills are very normal and can happen from time to time. But regular cleaning and maintenance of your fabric couch are required weekly to prevent the long-term impact of spills. Here are some handy maintenance tips to prolong the longevity of your fabric sofa:

  • Dry brush your fabric sofa: You can use a dry brush to loosen up any pieces of fabric or dirt.
  • Vacuum: After shaking off the items with your dry brush, use your vacuum on a low setting to remove that debris that has been deeply embedded into your couch.
  • Switch cushions: Another thing you can do is flip the cushions in order to lessen the appearance of being worn out.

How To Deep Clean A Fabric Sofa

Regular maintenance can’t take care of the deeply embedded dirt and stains on your fabric sofa. When something like that happens, you need to know what will help you to deep clean your couch. However, be sure to check the tag first as this method can only work on a ‘W’ or ‘S/W’ marked sofa.

All you need is:

  • A stiff brush
  • Baking soda
  • A vacuum with a brush attachment

To make your sofa clean, you need to follow the following steps:

Step One: Test Your Sofa’s Fabric

Baking soda is not simply used for baking but can be used for cleaning as well. It is excellent for the removal of debris and embedded dirt on your sofa. Even though baking soda is safe for upholstery cleaning, you shouldn’t just use it directly on your couch without testing it beforehand.

So, test the fabric first in an inconspicuous area and then use it to clean the rest of your sofa if it does not affect the fabric.

Step Two: Brush the Couch

After you are done testing, now is the time to start doing the cleaning. First of all, what you need to do is brush the sofa with a stiff brush. This will brush away any crumbs, dust, and other debris, which will help with the cleaning process afterwards.

Step Three: Apply Baking Soda

For the main part, sprinkle the couch with baking soda and let it sit there for approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Doing this will help to release any odours and break up the light stains in the fabric. If you want a thorough clean, you can consider mixing the baking soda in dry carpet cleaner and then using it. Baking soda is safe and can get the job done efficiently without much hassle.

Step Four: Vacuum the Baking Soda

Once the time lapses, you need to remove the baking soda from your sofa. To thoroughly remove the baking soda mixture, all you need to do is use the brush attachment on your vacuum. Using that attachment, suck up all the baking soda from the couch.

Step Five: Remove Any Embedded Stains

Baking soda can help you with the light stains, but there might be some tough stains left. You cannot get rid of tough stains with just baking soda. Therefore, this is where another quick remedy comes into play. For the tough stains, prepare the solutions below, then work with a clean cloth to blot the stains away.

Simply mix ¾ cup warm water, ¼ cup vinegar, and one tablespoon of dish soap to create a cleaning solution. Use a mixture of one cup of warm water, ½ cup vinegar, and ½ tablespoon of dish soap for synthetic upholstery.

Now apply the mixture you made earlier with a spray bottle onto the stains and then gently pat it with a dry towel. Make sure that you do not rub or scrub as that can damage the fibres of your fabric sofa. Instead, blot the area dry with a dry microfiber cloth. Doing so will take out all the remaining tough stains that were left on the fabric couch.

How To Steam Clean Your Fabric Sofa

professional fabric sofas cleaners

If your sofa is marked ‘W’ or ‘S/W,’ you can use an upholstery steam cleaner to clean your fabric sofa. But always make sure to consult the manufacturer’s instructions before using it on your couch just to be certain. Moreover, always carry out a small patch test on an out-of-the-way part of your couch, just to be extra cautious.

This way, you will understand whether the steaming will do any permanent damage or not. To steam clean your fabric couch, you should turn to the manufacturer’s guide for instructions. The instructions will clearly tell you what you need to do and what settings you need to use. However, there are always a few cleaning tips that you can use. Here are some tricks that can make your steam cleaning more successful:

Vacuuming is Crucial

Vacuuming is crucial when it comes to using a steam cleaner on your sofa. Make sure that you vacuum your sofa before using the steam cleaner. You should vacuum it once again after you are done steaming, and the sofa has dried completely.

Pick a Nice Day to Clean Your Fabric Sofa

Steaming your couch could be pretty tiring, so pick a nice day to do so. Choosing a nice day for your couch cleaning also allows you to open the windows and air out the room. This way, your room will be nice and airy for you to do the job and ensure that the couch dries.

Change the Microfiber Cloths of the Steamer

Some steam cleaners use microfiber cloths that help to pick up debris from your couch. You should change these clothes out as you steam. This way, you can pick up all the dirt as a dirty cloth cannot properly pick up all the debris.

Dry the Couch Completely

After steaming, make sure to dry out the space completely, as leaving it wet can cause fungus infestation inside the sofa. To do so, point a fan on your couch so that it is dried out completely.

Cool the Water Down

You also need to be careful while dumping the water out of the steamer. Do not immediately throw the water out after the cleaning is done, as the chances are that the water is still hot. So please wait until the water is completely cooled down and then pour it out.

Hard To Remove Stains? Call A Professional

Now you know the fundamentals and some tips to help you clean your fabric sofa. The more you do your research, the more you will learn and do a better job of safely cleaning it without causing any damage. However, if you face any problem doing it yourself or do not have enough time to manage the cleaning process, you can call a reliable, professional cleaning company.

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