How long does it take to clean an apartment at the End of a Tenancy?

How long does it take to clean an apartment at the End of a Tenancy?
How long does it take to clean an apartment at the End of a Tenancy?

How long does it take to clean an apartment at the End of a Tenancy?

The chances are high that you are about to clean your home if you’re wondering how long it takes for an End of Tenancy Cleaning. You do not want to waste it. Basically, you’re overwhelmed with tasks associated with moving – finding a new home, shipping your belongings there, and completing any small but necessary administrative tasks involved with the relocation process. To make this move successful, you will need a detailed plan. By properly allocating time for each task, the move will be a success. When you included End of Tenancy as an important commitment during your relocation process, and that you were even concerned about the cost of cleaning it, it indicates that your relocation process was successful. The answer to this question is not clear, as it depends on numerous factors. Depending on the situation, we will determine how long an End of Tenancy Cleaning Service will take.

What is End of Tenancy Cleaning?

The length of a task cannot be predicted when its specificity is unknown. Identify its key components. Before a new tenancy begins, cleaning must be done at the end of the previous one. House and apartment cleaning is available. Most tenants pay rent at the end of their tenancy. It is usually the tenant’s responsibility to clean at the end of their tenancy. The service includes thorough cleaning of all the rooms and adjoining living spaces, even if the house has several stories. The cleaning at the end of your tenancy is an obligation, not a choice. Generally, tenancy agreements stipulate that the tenant must leave the property in a normal, clean, and representative condition before leaving. The end of a tenancy is often marked by a professional cleaning service. This cleaning is typically required as part of the tenancy deposit. As a guarantee to the landlord that the End of Tenancy Cleaning will be completed correctly and thoroughly, it is provided by the tenant. Unless you follow these steps, your money will not be returned to you by the landlord.

What is included in the End of Tenancy Cleaning Service?

Sanitizing a rental home is a top-to-bottom, comprehensive process, regardless of the size of each room. The concept of cleaning, however, differs from person to person. There are people who only tidy up, while others clean their homes from top to bottom. Even though it is called End of Tenancy Cleaning, it is much more than that. All rooms in the house must also be thoroughly cleaned at the end of the tenancy. By the way, it closely resembles seasonal cleaning (such as spring cleaning). Therefore, if you plan to do your own End of Tenancy, you can conditionally answer the question of how long it will take – around the same time as a standard spring cleaning. Because of this, we will appreciate spring cleaning more if we do it ourselves. We conduct an inventory check at the end of every tenancy. Your landlord will require an in-depth inventory check. How will you handle this situation? Before embarking on a DIY End of Tenancy cleaning, it is wise to familiarize yourself with a standard checklist:

  • Removing your personal belongings from the apartment and arranging all the things that were there when you applied, i.e., the landlord’s property

  • Cleaning carpets and flooring to remove stains

  • We can remove all kinds of stains – no matter where they are, how difficult they are to remove, or whether they are visible at first glance

  • Cleaning windows, mirrors, and sills, plus window frames and sills on any glass surfaces

  • Wetting furniture when necessary

  • Including descaling restrooms, cleaning toilets, and removing mold from sanitary facilities

  • We remove dried food stains and other soils from the kitchen

  • Cleaning all of the equipment, including the refrigerator, kitchen accessories (yes, oven and inside too), laundry, and so on

  • Getting your apartment clean and taking care of the smallest details you might overlook but wind up costing you your deposit – light switches, door handles, inside cabinets, removing cobwebs and other things

you might not realize are important? But first, let’s look at another question.

Should I hire a professional cleaning company or do the End of Tenancy Cleaning myself?

Knowing who will perform an EOT is crucial to answering the question of how long it takes. You have a few options. Each of them takes a different amount of time.

  • DIY End of Tenancy Cleaning. You can do it whenever you want. There are two options that we have already given you. Add what you do not normally do to the above End of Tenancy Cleaning check list to make a basic spring cleaning checklist. If you are lucky enough to get leave from your boss and have helpers, it is at least a two-day job. A team of children will not be enthusiastic, and there will be many breaks and sweet talks. Shopping for bills will take longer as a result. It is true that the cleaning supplies you keep stashed away in your kitchen cupboard aren’t enough to clean the whole house and remove so many stubborn stains. Additionally, some of the tasks on the list may require heavy duty machinery and may be more difficult to accomplish by hand.

  • Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning. Now we’ll get specific. Why do we do it? Professional companies have plans and strategies in place and work with teams and employees who already have them. We adapted the checklist presented above from the practices of cleaning companies. In addition to following the contract closely, they take into account the landlord’s additional hygiene requirements. In spite of considering so many details, professional cleaners follow uniform standards and procedures, so it is easy to estimate how long the End of Tenancy Cleaning will take. There are no additional charges to be paid for shopping. Employees at End of Tenancy usually provide all the necessary equipment, detergents, tools, supplies, and cleaning machines (which can remove blood stains five times faster than by hand).

When is the End of Tenancy process completed?

They guarantee a specific completion date. You can contact a professional cleaning service in the event of an emergency. In the event that you need your deposit today and leave tomorrow, the extra charge is worth it. The employees will be provided with terms and conditions in addition to the price (but they won’t get a key to the property if you are not there). We will also provide you with a time frame for completion as a customer. Among these factors are:

  • The property’s condition. We have also considered the regularity of cleaning in addition to the stubborn stains. If you are not cleaning the studio apartment at least once a week, you will have to perform an extensive End of Tenancy cleaning. Depending on the particular circumstances, your application will be assessed. In the process of providing end of tenancy cleaning, companies send employees to inspect the premises. It is usually free of charge to have these inspections performed.

  • Dimensions. For all types of homes and apartments, professional companies provide end-of-tenancy services. Apartments generally take up 10% less time than houses, regardless of their size. The price of an End of Tenancy Cleaning Service is determined by the size of the property.  Cleaning a one-bedroom apartment takes about four hours, and cleaning a three-bedroom house takes about seven hours.

  • The number of employees. For maximum efficiency, the cleaning company determines not only the cleaning plan but also the number of employees who will work on the project. We’re not the only ones who want the End of Tenancy to happen faster. Because it still focuses on human resources, the cleaning company follows the norm. In some cases, the client determines the number of employees. Usually, however, the client explicitly requests that the team be expanded. Standard apartments and small to medium-sized homes are typically cleaned by two people, and larger homes are cleaned by five people.

  • Additional features or requirements. These aren’t emergencies, but they can delay the cleaning crew. Customers who request services that are not on the standardized checklist, such as carpet cleaning, will need to allow more time. When a property is heavily soiled, a similar service is often required. You may be able to receive a discount when you book another service at the same time as End of Tenancy cleaning. We also offer emergency services. If your property allows it and you agree to pay more for it, you can have a professional company help with your End of Tenancy cleaning.

We believe you will be able to make a sober comparison between a professional End of Tenancy Cleaning and a DIY End of Tenancy Cleaning after reading this material. You will need several hours for the first part and at least two days for the second. Additionally, a professional End of Tenancy Service is backed by a guarantee. Should issues be found during an inventory check, you can request a free re-clean within a time limit set by the company. To ensure that clients receive their full deposits back, guarantees are given.

Lastly, how long does it take to arrange a professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Service:

About 2 minutes over the phone or online. Are DIY End of Tenancy Cleanings possible? Sure. A professional End of Tenancy service is definitely more appropriate for you if you need to move out and your hours are valuable before moving out.

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