BBQ Grill Cleaning Tips from Our Expert Cleaners

BBQ Grill Cleaning Tips from Our Expert Cleaners
BBQ Grill Cleaning Tips from Our Expert Cleaners

BBQ Grill Cleaning Tips from Our Expert Cleaners

During the summer months, you’ll want to ensure your BBQ grill is as clean as possible. This is challenging work, and you don’t want to spend your whole day outside scrubbing it clean. It’s a necessary task; however, since you’ll be using the grill frequently, cleaning it is a must because a safe barbecue is a clean bbq.

The information you’ll need to clean and prepare your bbq grill is right here.

Cleaning tools for your BBQ grill

When it comes to grill cleaning, you’ll need the proper cleaning equipment to do the job effectively. Such high-tech equipment isn’t really required. To begin, get a sponge and some soapy water. While you can buy special grill cleaners, homemade BBQ cleaners like dish soap and hot water will do the job just as well.

A grill brush is a must-have accessory. You’ll have to sift through a variety of options to locate the one that’s perfect for you. Grills with nylon or brass bristles will not scratch as readily as those with steel bristles or cast-iron grills. You can easily remove a lot of baked-on food with the proper brush.

Cleaning tips for your BBQ grill

Once the grilling is done, you’ll be eager to get everyone around the table and dig into the delectable food. That’s something we’re aware of. Don’t forget, though, that you must first take care of your barbecue. However, if you don’t know where to begin, this may be a difficult task. Continue reading for more information on how to effectively clean a barbecue grill.

Clean the grill’s base

Set aside the grill grating, both top and bottom. Remove the ash and burned-out charcoal from the grill’s base using a small shovel or a handheld brush and dustpan. Put it in the garbage in a noncombustible container.

Charcoal made entirely of hardwood may be re-used in your garden, whereas the hardwood ash will assist your soil’s development. Alternatively, you may disperse the cooled ash over your lawn by mixing it with a pail of water and then spraying it over.

Light the grill and clean the surfaces

Using heat can assist in loosening dirt particles that are stuck to the surface, and in some instances, it will turn them into ash that is simple to remove. To get things started:

  • Make your grill nice and hot.
  • Cover your gas grill to concentrate the heat, or use a chimney if you’re using charcoal.
  • Clean the grate well with a wire grill brush. While a good pair of heat-resistant gloves would be helpful at this point, they are not necessary.

If you’ve made it through to this point, the rest of the process should proceed without a hitch.

Make sure the grill is well-oiled

Pick up a cotton kitchen towel and lightly treat it in vegetable oil to avoid leaking. Rub the oil over the grill grate with tongs while holding the cloth.

Repeat if necessary

Make sure to brush and oil-cloth them once more after you’ve finished grilling while the grill is still hot. So, in the future, when you want to throw a barbecue, your grill will be ready for you, not the other way around.

Cleaning BBQ grill with vinegar

Most people have never cleaned a bbq grill with vinegar, so they have no idea how effective it is. In addition to cleaning the grill, vinegar is an excellent degreaser since it does not leave behind any hazardous residue that may contaminate your meal and make you sick.

Cleaning your barbeque grill with vinegar just requires a few easy steps. A spray bottle, tepid water, white vinegar, and aluminum foil are all you need to get started.

  • Fill the spray container halfway with vinegar and shake well.
  • Pour in another two mugs of water on top of the vinegar.
  • Shake the container briskly to combine the vinegar and water.
  • Make a tiny square out of the aluminum foil by folding it in half and then again in the other way.
  • Saturate the grill racks and the space above and under them with the water/vinegar solution.
  • Allow the solution to air-dry for ten minutes before using.
  • If there is any excess water/vinegar solution in the bottle after drying the grill, discard it and replace it with vinegar alone.
  • After spraying the vinegar on the grill, wipe the interior with foil. After using this product, there’s no need to rinse.

Vinegar may be used to clean the grill’s cover as well as sanitise. Using a diluted solution will keep the vinegar smell at bay for many days. Use a cotton cloth instead of aluminum foil to scrub.

Instead of spraying the solution straight on the grill, use the towel to ensure you get it all. If there are any problematic areas, use a cotton swab to clean them up. Otherwise, consider cleaning with baking soda.

How often should you clean your BBQ grill?

When it comes to grill cleaning, there are two options. To begin, you will have to clean the grill’s surface before cooking anything on it. It all boils down to cleaning the grill grate, which is the first point of contact between your food and bacteria. If you’ve got the proper equipment, this task shouldn’t be too difficult.

After that, there’s a thorough cleaning process. However, it’s debatable whether or not you should thoroughly clean your grill regularly, but most experts agree that you should. Keeping it clean and in excellent shape shouldn’t be a problem after doing the necessary maintenance. To keep your grill in tip-top shape, perform additional thorough cleanings throughout the year if you use it often.

Tips for cleaning the grill’s cover

We all like grilling, and most of us own a BBQ. That’s why cleaning a grill cover is so important. A barbecue is a must-have for outdoor cooking. Keeping your barbecue outdoors, whether in your backyard or elsewhere, exposes it to weather harm.

As a consequence, most customers buy grill covers. The grill cover ensures your grill is safe and clean while prolonging its life. The covers will ultimately get dirty due to continuous exposure to dirt, dust, and other debris cause problems if you don’t know how to clean a BBQ cover.

Steps to clean a grill cover

  • Clean the grill lid of any big food particles.
  • Use lukewarm water with soap and a soft cloth or sponge to remove dust and debris from the cover. Dishwasher liquid works well for this.
  • Rinse the soapy water using a garden hose.
  • Before re-using the grill cover, allow it to air dry completely.

To avoid transmitting moisture to the grill, ensure the cover is fully dry before covering it. Rust may develop on your grill if it is exposed to moisture.

More solutions for your BBQ grill

Keep your grill indoors if you can (but never inside with propane) to avoid corrosion and mould. If the former is not possible, a garden shed would be ideal. If you must leave your grill outside, keep it covered as much as possible. Store your barbecue with the lid on during the winter to keep both the grill and the cover dry.

Outdoor kitchen

Your preparation will be minimal if your barbeque is housed in an outdoor kitchen with adequate shelter. Use your barbeque all year round if you want! You should, however, take precautions to keep it in excellent operating condition if it is left unused for a few months.

If you head the cleaning instructions above, your barbeque will be free of food and ash when the weather warms up and is ready to use. Be sure to cover the BBQ as well.

Charcoal barbecue

Cleaning the cooking grill and removing the ash are the most critical steps in winterising your charcoal barbecue. Water may leak into your barbeque, causing the ash to harden into a nearly-cement-like state that can become trapped.

Gas barbecue

A gas grill requires more thorough cleaning due to the number of components to maintain. Remove all cooking grids, burners, and other parts of your model that permit it. Soak them in warm soapy water to remove cooking smells. If required, wire brush them. Propane should never be stored inside. When you’re not using your bbq grill, make sure to store it properly and maintain it.

Everyone knows that cooking meals on a grill have several health advantages, ranging from the fact that you utilise and thus consume less fat to the fact that meat maintains its nutrition while also having more vitamins and minerals than raw veggies. Some argue that cooking on a clean BBQ has even more significant advantages.

Barbecue time is family time!

Being confident that your barbecue grill is clean enough to grill for your meal lessens the hassle. Barbecue time should be a good family time where you spend time with your family together. BBQ cleaning is essential for your family’s health and happiness together. Enjoy your day with a safe and clean barbecue grill by using all the tips here.