How To Remove Pen From Walls

How To Remove Pen From Walls
How To Remove Pen From Walls

How To Remove Pen From Walls

At one time or another, you will find ink on your walls. In most cases, your child can draw on the walls with a pen and crayons. It is also possible for the ink to accidentally spill on your walls as you are getting some writing done. The greatest challenge may be how to get rid of the ink stains off the wall. If you do not follow the proper process and products, it can be hard to completely get off the ink stain from your wall.

There are several methods you can use to remove ink stains from the wall. The methods have different results, so you need to use the one that offers the most effective results. This article offers you some of the most effective methods and products you can use to remove pen marks from walls.

What You Need To Know Before Removing Ink From Walls

Before you start to remove the pen ink stain, there are several things you need to keep in mind. You should always use a clean cloth to clean your wall. You need to use a white cloth because it does not leave any colour to your wall. If you use a coloured cloth, it is easy for it to dilute with cleaning agents such as alcohol and other products you use to remove stains from your wall.

You should also be careful when using the different cleaning agents on your wall. You should first try them on a part of the wall that is not visible. This allows you to understand how workable they are. In addition, this also helps you discover if they can damage your wall’s colour.

Methods And Products To Remove Ink Stains

pen and crayons

Here are some of the most effective products and simple methods you can use to remove pen marks from your wall.

Alcohol Hair Spray

Hairsprays containing alcohol as one of their ingredients are effective in removing ink from walls. All you need to do is to spray the inked part with the spray. Proceed to use a white cloth on the pen mark. Gently rub the area to get rid of the ink stain. You may need to repeat the process several times in order to have the ink stain removed completely from your wall.

Therefore, when you buy the hairspray for cleaning ink stains from your wall, the most important thing is to ensure it has alcohol to get the desired results.

Rub Using White Toothpaste

You can also use white toothpaste to remove pen marks from your wall. It is easy because all you need is white toothpaste which you will then rub onto the ballpoint mark for a few minutes. Allow the paste to stay on the wall for around ten to fifteen minutes. This eliminates the pen or crayon mark from the wall. After the time has elapsed, remove the toothpaste from your wall. Repeat the process a few times to ensure that you fully get rid of the ink stain.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is effective in removing ballpoint ink from your wall. Start by dampening a white cloth with the rubbing alcohol and lightly rub onto the ink-stained area to get rid of the ink. The process allows you to remove the ink stain more easily. Dab the wall consistently with the damp cloth until the stain is eliminated completely. This process is also effective if you want to remove ink stains from magic marker pens from your wall.

Mixture of Water and Baking Soda

A mixture of baking soda and water also works perfectly in removing ink from your wall. Mix the two at the ratio of 1:2, i.e., two portions of water to one portion of the baking soda. However, keep in mind that baking soda can be a bit harsh on your wall’s paint. Thus, while using this mixture, you need to rub the ink stain gently. Avoid rubbing hard with the mixture to avoid removing the wall colour on the stained area.

Use Lemon Juice, Ammonia, and Detergent Mixture

A mixture of lemon juice, ammonia, and detergent can also remove pen ink stains without causing any adverse effects to your wall. Mix the products at a ratio of 1:1:2, meaning one portion of ammonia and lemon juice each and two portions of the detergent. Once you have your mixture, spray it onto the ink stains on your wall. Now pat the area dry to get rid of the ink marks.

Commercial Pen Mark Cleaners

There are a lot of commercial cleaners you can get from your local stores to remove ink from your wall. However, you have to be vigilant on the one that you choose to use. Some commercial cleaners have ingredients that can damage your wall paint. Therefore, choose a cleaner made specifically to remove things like ink stains or pen marks off walls.

You can easily determine which commercial cleaner to go for by checking the labels and reading all the instructions on using them. When you choose a commercial cleaner, be gentle when using it. You just need to spray a small amount on the stained part and rub it using a white cloth.

Use Magic Erasers

In modern times, there is a myriad of magic erasers you can find in the market. The erasers work perfectly in removing pen and crayon marks from the walls. If you have a pencil mark on your wall, you also get an eraser that can help remove the mark from your wall.

Remove Pen Stains Using Baby Wipes

Baby wipes work effectively in removing ink from your wall. They work effectively because of their alcohol content. The alcohol helps get rid of the ink stain instantly without damaging the wall paint or colour. Simply rub the affected area gently using a baby wipe to get rid of the stain. Repeat the process severally to ensure that the wall is 100 per cent free of the ink stain.

Using Mosquito Spray and Tissue

Mosquito spray is an effective agent to use to remove any ink marks from your wall. All you need to do is put a coat of the spray on some tissue and then gently rub the ink-stained part. The spray helps remove the ink instantly without leaving any blemishes behind.

Removing Ink with Hand Sanitiser

If you have any ink marks on your wall, you can also use a hand sanitiser to remove the stains. You need a sanitiser with alcohol as one of the ingredients. You also need a towel to help wipe the ink stains off. Wipe in a circular manner to remove the marks completely. The good thing is that a hand sanitiser works effectively on all wall surfaces.

Use Vinegar and Lemon Bleach

Vinegar is a natural solution that helps remove ink stains quickly. Start by mixing three parts of water and one-part vinegar. Then, take a soft cloth and use it to get rid of the ink. Apply circular motions in the cleaning process. You can also use lemon bleach. Spray the bleach onto the pen mark. Then, rub off the marks using a soft cloth.

Use a Pencil Eraser

Using a pencil eraser is a gentle and safe way to remove ink stains from all walls. Simply rub the pencil eraser over the ink-stained area only. You can use it on your painted wall without affecting the quality of the paint. The other great thing about using the pencil eraser is that you can control the stained areas easily compared to other ink removal methods.

Use a Bleach Pen

If you have small ink spots on your wall, you can use a bleach pen to remove the spots. A bleach pen helps deal with the issue by lightening the ink in small areas. This helps minimise the chances of discolouring your wall paint. When using a bleach pen, just move over the ink-covered parts with the bleach pen tip. The ink stains should come off within five to ten minutes.

Do’s And Don’ts When Removing Ink From Your Wall

As you remove ink stains from your wall, you need to apply the best practice to ensure you do not damage the wall and remove the pen marks completely. You should first note the type of paint on your wall. This will allow you to apply ink removal methods and products that do not cause any adverse effects on the paint.

Before removing the ink, begin by mopping off any dust and other particles on the stained area. Use soft cleaners to avoid damaging the wall paint. Once you remove the ink stains, do not forget to wipe the area with a towel or cloth.

When you remove pen marks from your wall, you should never scrub the wall. In addition, you should not use a hard cleaning solution. This ensures you do not damage the wall and the paint.

How To Protect Your Wall When Removing Ink

Remove the Ink as Soon as It Gets on Your Wall

You should remove the ink immediately. By acting fast, you will find it easier to remove the ink from the wall. You can also remove the ink by applying easy methods such as using water and a damp cloth. Waiting for the ink stain to stay longer on the wall makes it harder for you to remove.

Test the Cleaner on a Discrete Place

To avoid damaging your wall or paint, you should first test the cleaning product you want to use in the removal process. If you notice some discolouration, you should avoid using the cleaner. By testing the cleaner, you will know whether the method will work or not.

Always Rub the Ink Stain Gently on the Affected Part of the Wall

To minimise the risks of messing up the wall paint, just clean the area that is stained by the ink. You should also rub gently to avoid affecting the paint.

Have Matching Paint at Hand

You may end up discolouring your wall during the ink removal process. This is why it is necessary to have paint that matches the current one on your wall at hand so that you can paint over the discoloured area. This will allow you to restore the wall, making it look the same as before the ink removal process.

Hire A House Cleaning Company To Remove Ink From Your Walls

If you do not trust your ability to use the above methods effectively to remove ink from your wall, you should hire the best local house cleaning company. Professional cleaners can help remove the ink in a fast and timely manner using the most effective methods and products. You can be sure that the ink will be removed without harming your wall.