Should I Dust or Vacuum first?

Should I Dust or Vacuum first?
Should I Dust or Vacuum first?

Should I Dust or Vacuum first?

vacuum or dust first?

When cleaning your home, vacuuming and dusting go hand in hand. I advise dusting first since it can prevent dirt from being dragged back onto the floor and furniture. It is frequently simpler to dust before vacuuming if you have a good vacuum. Use a feather duster or a soft dusting cloth. Don’t forget to dust ceiling fan blades and light bulbs, which are common areas for dust to collect over time.

Tips for vacuuming

To keep your home looking clean, use a moist cloth to wipe down surfaces and get rid of any dust that gathers over time. Curtains, shutters, and other window treatments can collect dust just like the rest of your home, so be sure to vacuum them as well! It’s easy to neglect this area when cleaning, but be careful not to do so since if you do, dirt will start to accumulate again soon.

With a broom or brush, there can be places behind them that are difficult to access. The tops of curtains and doors should also be vacuumed in addition to the sides because dust tends to accumulate there over time. When cleaning blinds, you might also want to think about using a moist cloth; this will help you get rid of hard dirt without damaging the finish of your blinds or leaving residue behind.

If at all possible, vacuum the tops of the drapes, curtains, and balances. Use an extension wand attachment with your vacuum cleaner if your window treatment has tassels or other decorations around its edge that cannot be reached by standing on a chair (which is frequently required). This will ensure that everything is cleaned properly.

If you have a good vacuum, dusting before vacuuming is frequently easier.

Dusting first will produce a larger amount of dust than simply vacuuming afterwards, but that’s good because the vacuum will remove the dust you just made as well as any other stray particles in your room. The same is true if you’re using an air purifier: remove the dust from the air first, then utilise it to remove any extra particles that your cleaning activities may have introduced.

Use a feather duster or a soft cloth to dust.

You might wish to use a softer duster in addition to a soft cloth. Feather dusters are especially helpful for getting rid of dust or other dirt that is hanging from the ceiling,, getting rid of dust or other dirt that is hanging from the ceiling. You may always use your vacuum brush attachment in place of the main tip if you don’t have one of these on hand.

Knowing the best ways to clean your house is important when the time comes. Carpet Cleaning will be simple and effective if you follow this advice and make sure you know which surfaces should be vacuumed and which should be dusted by hand.

Remember to clean!


Dust your light bulbs regularly. You’d be amazed at how many people neglect to dust the tops of their lamps and ceiling fans, which may collect a lot of dust over time. Although it might seem obvious, don’t forget about any hanging lights or chandeliers you may have in your home!


Dust the blinds and curtains as well. It’s important to clean these items because they collect dust from the outside world, which, if left unattended for an extended period of time, could enter your home through the windows.

Tips for dusting

Although dusting might be a good technique to keep your house clean, it sometimes leaves behind particles that are ingrained in the surface of the object. It is advisable to dust with a feather duster or another brush with soft bristles to avoid scratching fragile objects like wood furniture or paintings. Avoid sucking up any loose paper or other objects that could clog your vacuum cleaner’s filters or harm its motors when operating them on flat surfaces.

Dust first then Vacuum.

This is due to the fact that when it’s time to vacuum your floors, all you have to do is use a broom to remove any dirt that your vacuum cleaner might have ignored.


Dust your property before cleaning it to prevent dust from the floor you just vacuumed from remaining on the furnishings. Additionally, it’s easy to ignore this area when cleaning, but the top of your refrigerator can collect a lot of dust and food particles. It is frequently simpler to dust before vacuuming if you have a good vacuum.