Ultimate house cleaning checklist

Ultimate house cleaning checklist
Ultimate house cleaning checklist

Ultimate house cleaning checklist

When you’re cleaning your house, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. To make things easier, here’s a checklist of 10 steps that will help you clean your entire home in no time at all!

Step 1: Start with a plan

  • Make a list of all the tasks you need to do.
  • Make sure you have all the supplies you need for each task.
  • Be realistic about how long each task will take.
  • Make sure you have enough time to do the tasks without rushing or leaving something out because there isn’t enough time left in your schedule!

Step 2: Get your tools and supplies in order

Now that you’ve got your cleaning checklist in hand, it’s time to get your tools and supplies ready. The right tools will make the job go faster, so don’t forget them!

  • Vacuum cleaner: A good vacuum is essential when it comes to house cleaning. Choose one that is lightweight but powerful enough to remove dirt from carpets and floors easily.
  • Mop: A good mop will be sturdy enough to stand up on its own without leaning against a wall or door frame for support. Make sure the mop head is washable so it can be reused repeatedly without needing replacement parts or filters.
  • Broom: A sturdy broom with a long handle will make quick work of sweeping dust out of corners, under furniture, and along baseboards at home—and again at work after vacuuming up dust bunnies under desks!

Step 3: Remove clutter

The third step of our ultimate house cleaning checklist is removing clutter.

Clutter can be difficult to remove, especially if you have a lot of it. But if you want your home to look neat and clean, then decluttering is something you need to do!

Whether you’re just starting out with decluttering or simply need some tips on how to go about it, this section will guide you through the process. We’ll cover everything from where to begin organizing your decluttered items and how often it’s necessary for them to rotate out of storage (the answer? It depends).

Step 4: Empty your trash and recycling bins

Your trash cans are a mess. You’ve got coffee grounds, egg shells and soda cans piled up in there. It’s time to clean those out! This is an easy process:

  • Empty the trash bin into a plastic bag or recycling bin
  • Repeat with recycling bin
  • Throw away any non-trash items like plastic bags and wrappers (if you want to be extra helpful, ask your friends if they have any use for these things)

Step 5: Dust furniture

Dusting furniture is one of the most important steps in your cleaning routine. You can use a duster, an old sock, or even a regular cloth to dust your furniture. If you’re using a damp cloth to dust wood furniture, be sure to dry it before applying any polish or waxes. To keep plastic and glass furniture looking shiny, wipe them down with a dry cloth instead of using water-based cleaners on them. To clean wooden pieces like tables and chairs that might have stains or scratches on them (especially if they’re older), use warm water mixed with mild soap in order to remove any dirt buildup without damaging the wood’s finish. For metal surfaces like lamps and door knobs, mix equal parts olive oil and vinegar together in small spray bottles—then shake up your solution before spraying it onto your dirty surface!

Step 6: Vacuum carpets, rugs and upholstery

The vacuum is a valuable tool in your arsenal as you battle dust and dirt. Your goal is to make sure that all surfaces are clean, so be sure to use the right attachments for the job.

Vacuum Carpets, Rugs and Upholstery:

Vacuum carpets, rugs and upholstery with a good quality vacuum cleaner using an upholstery attachment on furniture like couches or recliners that have removable cushions. Vacuum curtains and blinds (remove them from the window first), then wash them if they need cleaning—make sure you have enough time before guests arrive! If there are areas where pets sleep or play on furniture regularly, vacuum those areas directly instead of moving everything aside just for one spot. Don’t forget about hardwood floors: vacuum these thoroughly as well because pets love laying around on them during summertime heat waves when their humans aren’t looking!

Step 7: Clean windows and mirrors

  • Clean windows and mirrors

You can use a microfiber cloth to clean your windows and mirrors, or if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, try using a squeegee on them. To get the most out of your windows, you may want to purchase a window cleaner for cleaning purposes as well. It’s also possible that you might be able to find one at your local grocery store or pharmacy; however, if those don’t work for you then try searching online instead!

Step 8: Wash curtains, blinds and shades

Wash curtains, blinds and shades with a mild soap and water solution. Use a soft cloth to wipe clean, then dry with another soft cloth. Don’t use a vacuum cleaner on your curtains, blinds or shades!

Step 9: Wipe down furniture, counters, appliances and cabinets

If you want your home to look its best, it’s essential that you wipe down furniture, counters, appliances and cabinets. If a damp cloth is too harsh for the item being cleaned, try using a soft cloth instead. A microfiber cloth can be used on all surfaces without leaving streaks or lint behind.

Step 10: Wash floors

Now it’s time to wash the floors. If you’re using a steam mop, follow its instructions for cleaning the device (e.g., run distilled water through it). If not, grab a bucket and some cleaning solution and fill up your mop with warm water. Use a squeegee or spray bottle to remove excess water from hardwood floors after mopping them. Finally, use microfiber mops on hardwood floors and dust mops on tile and other types of flooring surfaces.

Bonus cleaning ideas

  • Clean the inside of your microwave.
  • Clean your oven.
  • Clean your fridge, freezer and microwave with baking soda (or vinegar) and water.
  • Clean the stove top.
  • Wipe down the countertops in the kitchen with a disinfecting wipe – or better yet, wipe them down with hot soapy water and drying them off with paper towels (this can get messy).
  • Empty out all of your food containers and look for mold/mildew in them (we’ve all done this too late!). If you find any, toss it! It’s not worth risking getting sick over a container that you paid $1 for at Aldi’s. You can replace it easily enough later if need be! Just use some rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab or towel to get rid of any stubborn stains that may be lingering around on other items such as plastic containers as well before throwing those back into storage where they belong.”

In this post we have shared 11 steps to create a cleaning checklist for your house.

The end goal of this blog post is to share with you the steps I take when cleaning my home, so that you can use it as a guide and create your own cleaning checklist. First, let’s go over what exactly a cleaning checklist is. A cleaning checklist is a list of things you do when cleaning your house. It has many benefits:

  • It helps keep the job organized and easier to manage
  • It will help ensure nothing gets missed
  • It helps you know what needs to be done during each room/area


I am sure you will find this checklist useful and effective. This house cleaning checklist is a great way to make sure that your home is always clean and ready for guests! It’s also good for making sure that you don’t forget any important tasks when it comes time to deep clean your home. I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did writing it!