End Of Lease Cleaning Cost

End Of Lease Cleaning Cost
End Of Lease Cleaning Cost

End Of Lease Cleaning Cost

The process of moving out from a property can be tasking. You need to pack, handle the moving out and the cleaning. What does an end-of-lease clean cost? You may need to know. This article will also consider the price factors, some move-out cleaning tips for different parts of the house, and choosing the right cleaners.

End Of Lease Cleaning Prices

One consideration that affects the end-of-lease cleaning cost is the current state of the property. For instance, the cleaning price is higher if it is not in excellent condition. Likewise, it is higher if it involves oven cleaning or fireplace servicing. Secondly, the walls could have stains, or the property could have difficult areas to clean. Thus, a wall wash would be needed.

That said, the average price of an end-of-lease clean can range from around $240-$350 for a standard 3-bedroom house. However, if the cleaning job is more involved, the lease cleaning price could be around $450.

Factors Affecting End Of Lease Cleaning Cost

Here are a few major factors that influence the end-of-lease cleaning cost or vacate cleaning price:

The type and size of the property

First, when the property is extensive, a higher end-of-the-lease clean cost will be quoted. For example, the cost of hiring for a 4-bedroom house clean will be higher than that for a one-bedroom apartment or a studio flat. As such, a bond clean cost can depend on the size of the property.

The condition of the property

Second, the condition of the property is an important factor. Certainly, if there has been little regular maintenance in the apartment, it will need more cleaning. As such, the end-of-lease clean cost will be higher. More so, the cleaning will take long.

For example, if carpet steam cleaning is involved, the price would go up. Similarly, an external window clean or a fridge/freezer clean would hike up the end-of-lease cleaning price.

Extra services

Sometimes, you may need additional services such as carpet cleaning, window cleaning, or lawn mowing. A carpet clean on its own is an add-on item that can bring additional costs.

That is why you should watch out for cleaning companies offering discounts on additional services.

Commercial nature of the location

The location is another important factor. The more metropolitan and commercial cities are likely to have a higher end-of-lease cleaning cost. Similarly, costly neighbourhoods may need commercial cleaning and more costly end-of-lease cleans than budget-friendly areas.

Is A Professional End Of Lease Cleaner Necessary?

You may find landlords or property owners getting an end-of-lease cleaner. More so, this occurs when people want to put their house on the market. The following are some reasons why you may opt for professional end-of-lease cleans.

To avoid disputes

The cleaner the property is compared to when you moved in, the more likely you can get all your deposit. Therefore, you are less likely to have a dispute based on the cleanliness of the property.

To get good references

Besides, leaving your landlord on a good note may encourage your landlord to provide a good reference to a new landlord. You may need this when you move house.

For professional cleaning

Choosing a professional lease cleaner offers a stress-free move-in clean. You can focus on other items of your moving day checklist by hiring an end-of-lease cleaner.

To avoid defaults on remittance of bond money

Though some landlords and agencies have their own requirements, you may have to meet certain obligations. Some landlords use the non-use of a professional end-of-lease cleaning company as a reason not to remit the bond money. Thus, you would be wise to cover all grounds.

Tenancy Cleaning Responsibilities

Tenant cleaning responsibilities include the following:

Steam cleaning carpets, rugs, and upholstery

This is especially vital if you have had pets on the property. Remember that a professionally cleaned carpet needs time to get dry. Hence, you have to plan ahead.

Flea treatment

Again, this is relevant for owners of furry pets. Traces of the animals will have to be cleaned out. A professional pest control technician can help you with flea treatment.

Following the lease cleaning checklist

Your landlord may have provided you with an end-of-lease cleaning checklist earlier. Remember to compare it with that of your professional cleaning company. This will ensure every point is taken care of in the lease clean process.

Being conversant with the Residential Tenancies Act

The Residential Tenancies Act contains your legal rights and responsibilities as a tenant, which are clearly stated. Your lease contract is obligated to be based on this Act.

Cleaning tasks during end of lease

End-of-lease cleans usually include mopping floors, dusting furniture, tile and grout cleaning, and pressure cleaning. More so, window cleaning, cleaning kitchens, bathroom renovations, and cleaning of ovens are involved. A carpet clean is included, and antiviral sanitisation may not be out of the question.

Surely, the professional cleaning company will use their equipment and detergents to the best of their abilities. Furthermore, they will follow the detailed end-of-lease cleaning checklist.

End Of Lease Cleaning Checklists

Generally, cleaning checklists can be grouped into three categories.

  • Standard tasks

First, standard tasks are performed. The cleaning methods included are mopping floors, vacuuming carpets and upholstered furniture, window cleaning, and wiping kitchen cupboards. Others are deep cleaning ovens, cleaning window sills, light fittings, door handles, and window tracks.

  • Additional tasks

Second, there are additional tasks you can also request for. These include cleaning outside windows, wall spot cleans, Deep carpet clean, upholstery cleaning, cleaning a balcony or an observatory. Others include fridge and freezer cleaning, curtain cleaning, and dishwasher cleaning.

  • Required tasks

Finally, required tasks can also be booked separately. For example, you may need flea treatment or upholstery steam cleaning and professional carpet cleaning if you have pets.

General Items In Cleaning Checklists

Cooking areas

You have to properly clean your racks, griller, oven, and stovetop. Remember to spot clean with detergent and wipe marks.

Exhaust hood

This may require changing the filter or simply washing it. Again, you have to remove oil marks.


You may polish the taps and water spouts of the sink. Also, remove any food particles in the drain.

Surface areas and countertop

Thoroughly clean up general surface areas and countertop. A cleaning detergent can be put to use in kitchen work areas.

Drawers and cupboard

Similarly, you have to thoroughly clean up your storage spaces. For instance, glass marks left behind have to be wiped clean.


Furthermore, cleaning inside and outside of your dishwasher is important. Likewise, ensure you wash off any food particles in the filter.


Now, you and a friend may have to move the refrigerator from position. This will enable you to clean up the floor beneath it and the posterior. You should clean the door and door frames and remove any food stains.


In addition, are there spider houses or cobwebs in those wall corners? You should clear them up. Similarly, do you need a wall wash? Remove wall stains and marks, or even repaint areas as necessary.


First, vacuum the entire room. Pay close attention to areas around appliances such as washing machines. After that, mop up the floor, and steam clean carpets.

Windows and sills

Clearly, now it is time to clean your windows. Again, cleaning the inside and outside are important. The same goes for window frames and window sills.


Now were you forgetting this? This is one area that can get dusty. Nonetheless, you may need to wipe the edges clean. This includes the skirting boards and the top of the doors.


Whew! The kitchen is done. Now on to the bathroom. Here are a few recommended tips for cleaning your bathroom before moving out:

  • Mirrors

First, start with the mirrors. You can make use of a piece of newspaper and detergent to clean mirrors. Ensure there are no marks.

  • Toilet

Second, do not just clean the surface. Get a disinfectant and work on the entire toilet. Remember to include the cleaning of the inside of the toilet tank.

  • Shower

Third, water residue may leave some mould on the showerhead, taps, and glass screen. You have to remove them. Thereafter, dry up the cleaned areas.

  • Basin and drain

Next, wash up the basin and drain. Do not forget to wipe down the taps and wall taps.

  • Other small bathroom items

Now, for those small items. Polish the towel rails. Clean the toilet paper holder. Also, clean off any built-up gunk from the soap holders.

Living room

Aside from the dusting and vacuuming, you have to thoroughly clean up the following areas.

  • Cupboards and shelves: Empty, dust, and wipe them.
  • Floor: Vacuum, clean, and mop.
  • Rugs and carpets: Use a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly remove particles, then perform steam cleaning.
  • Furniture: Dust and clean, polish, and put back in position.
  • Walls: Get walls cleaned. Scrub off wall spots, repaint as necessary.
  • Blinds and curtains: Dust and clean the blinds, get the curtains cleaned perhaps by washing if advisable.
  • Lights: Dust off lampshades, replace faulty or flickering light bulbs and wipe off light switches.


Clean this up the same way you would clean the living room. Furthermore, take the following measures:

  • Mattress: Vacuum, disinfect by steam cleaning if possible.
  • Bed frame: Dust and polish it.
  • Wardrobes, cupboards, and drawers: Empty, dust, and wipe both inside and outside.
  • Mirrors, picture frames, and other wall decorations: Wipe clean mirrors, dust off picture frames, clean wall decorations.

Entrance hall, hallway, and staircase

What do you need to do here? Here are a few steps to take:

  • First, remove cobwebs. You may make use of a broom or vacuum cleaner.
  • Second, dust off the curtain rails and picture frames.
  • Third, polish and wipe clean mirrors.
  • In addition, clean the top part of the doors and polish on both sides.
  • Next, clean the light switches, fittings, power sockets, plugs, and lampshades.
  • Likewise, dust and wipe off woodworks such as skirting boards.
  • Furthermore, dust off and polish the banister, stairway, fixtures, and railings.
  • Finally, remember to vacuum and mop the floors from bottom to top.

Exterior areas

You would not want to leave out the exterior areas. These include the following tasks:

  • Veranda and patio

You need to clean the outdoor surfaces and garden furniture. Do not forget to do some BBQ cleaning if necessary.

  • Garden

Sweep the paths, mow the lawn, and do some weeding if necessary.

  • Swimming pool cleaning

Likewise, good swimming pool cleaning involves ridding the pool off of any debris and cleaning the filter.

  • Outdoor lights

Remember to ensure the outdoor lights are in good condition.

Garage and driveway

Do the garage and driveway need to be washed? Is there oil or dirt marks? Also, check if the garage door needs servicing.

Trash bins, compost bin, and gutter cleaning

In the same vein, you may not only need to empty your waste bin, but you may also need to wash them. Similarly, clear out the compost bin and empty the litter box. Likewise, gutter cleaning may be necessary.


Finally, clear up the basement, and you can breathe a sigh of relief. Empty the basement of your items, sweep the floor and clear off any cobwebs.

How Long Does An End Of Lease Clean Last?

vacate cleaning session can last for around 3 to 8 hours. However, the time is dependent on the number of the cleaning team and the size of the property. You can reduce the cleaning time by removing your personal belongings before cleaning begins. Furthermore, if there is heavy furniture to move, notifying the cleaning company ahead of time may prove time-saving.

Choosing The Right End Of Lease Cleaner

How do you pick the right lease cleaner for your needs? Here are a few tips:

Go for quality and affordability

While making some calls and getting a good price comparison is good, you should also value quality results. How do you gauge the quality of a cleaning service company? First, check customer reviews such as can be found on their social media and website. Seek the direct opinion of others. You may even find out if their service includes a bond-back guarantee.

Examine the cleaning checklist

Second, you should be provided with a cleaning checklist. This is a given for any professional cleaning company. Thereafter, the cleaning checklist should be discussed with them.

Be clear on delivery expectations

Third, there should be a clear quote for items in the cleaning service. The service items should be clear. For example, charging hourly rates will not be in your interest.

Opt for a company with a bond return guarantee

Moreover, you do remember you made a deposit earlier with the landlord, right? Ensuring your property is professionally cleaned will help secure your bond back from your landlord. After all, a bond clean is likely to be mandatory before leaving. Thus, you should go for a company that offers a bond return guarantee.

Bottom of form

Moreover, a good professional home cleaning should be able to offer maintenance services, including asbestos removal. Other cleaning services could be office cleaning, be equipped with high-grade equipment, cleaning products.

Consequently, you can rest easy with a qualitative cleaning service assured. For instance, if you are looking for vacate cleaning or a simple spring cleaning, you now have an idea of how much end-of-lease clean costs. Just follow the right cleaning guides, price guides, and cleaning tips. Contact a professional to book your end of lease cleaning or get an instant quote tailored to your specific needs.