How To Do A Bond Clean

How To Do A Bond Clean
How To Do A Bond Clean

How To Do A Bond Clean

When you rent a property and, for one reason or another, decide to move from it, tenancy terms dictate that you return the property to pre-tenancy state. So, if you are planning to move from a property in the next few days, you have to leave the house in the same condition you found.

Bond cleaning is a common and obligatory part of rental agreement, and is important if you wish to have a full rental bond refund.

You might have come across the term bond cleaning, but, hearing a word and knowing its details are two different things. If you do not know what bond cleaning is all about, worry not, here’s what you should know about it.

What Is A Bond Clean?

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The term “bond clean” is often used to imply “lease clean“. These two terms mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably. When renting a property, a bond deposit is required. The money will be refunded to the renter only if they clean the house to match its pre-lease state. A real estate agent will check the property to ensure this is met.

Bond cleaning services are much more detailed than a regular cleaning service. A bond clean ensures that every part of the house in clean and sparkling. As such, it is essential that you clean every inch of the house, including storage areas, fixtures, fittings, and built-in appliances.

You can bond clean on your own and achieve great results. However, bond cleaning is a very hectic procedure. Also, landlords and their agents check every inch of the property. They are extremely detail oriented when it comes to bond cleaning. It is a general recommendation to hire a professional cleaner to save both your time and money. It will improve your chances of getting the full bond back very quickly.

Bond Cleaning By Yourself

Bond cleaning is a very labour-intensive task. It requires more than just a day of washing and scrubbing. If you plan to move from one property to another, you might already have a lot of stress. Bond cleaning requires attention, but if you still think you can do it by yourself, this article will help you a lot.

Here are some cleaning tips on the areas to focus on when bond cleaning by yourself:

Cleaning The Kitchen

The kitchen is an important part of the home, and bond cleaning requires time and great initiative. Real estate agents often visit the kitchen at first. Cleaning professionals typically use concentrated chemicals to speed up the process, but this can be fatal if done without proper supervision. Thoroughly clean the following areas:

  • Oven

Real estate agents inspect every part of the oven. You should not miss any dirt and make sure to use the right chemicals in prescribed quantities when cleaning. The oven should be clean both outside and inside. Do not neglect anything.

  • Cooking Range

There should be no stains on the range’s hood. Inspect its filters and fan. There might be a build-up of oil in them. Clean them properly.

  • Kitchen Cupboards

Check the inside and outside of your kitchen cupboards. Look for any wear and tear. You might also find stains in the cabinets where you stored your grocery. Make sure to remove all stubborn stains.

  • Dishwasher

If you have an inbuilt dishwasher in the property, clean its filters properly; and then run it for a cycle with a dish wash cleaner while it is empty.

  • Kitchen Sink

Properly clean the kitchen sink and drain all holes. Where applicable, use a steel cleaner to give the sink a shine. Make sure that all the drain holes are not clogged and tabs and faucets are spotless.

Cleaning The Bathroom

There are so many things to focus on when you vacate clean a bathroom. Bathrooms should generally be neat and clean because people can easily catch a disease if they are not cared for in the right way. Focus on the following areas:

  • Sink

Typically, sinks need to stay clean at all times, but when it comes to bond cleaning, you need to go an extra mile. There should be no spots on the sink. Check the drain holes, taps and faucets.

  • Bathroom Mirror

Cleaning your bathroom properly is the easiest way to make it look all shiny. Use a glass cleaner and polish it off with lint-free material. You can also use a mixture of vinegar and water as a substitute for glass cleaner.

  • Shower Screens

The most common stains on shower screens are dried water droplets and soap scum. These need to be cleaned off completely to give the shower screen a new lease of life. You can use cleaning chemicals as well where stains require a lot of effort to wash off. Glass cleaner is effective against scum. Besides shower screens, the walls and floors of the shower area need proper cleaning as well. Remove all the mould if present.

  • Toilet

Your toilet needs proper cleaning as well. Clean under the seat and behind the toilet seat. Inspect and clean the toilet brush holder as it might have dust and grime of its surface.

  • Other Areas

The skirting boards and walls of the bathroom should be dust free and clean. Remove cobwebs that might have formed on the bathroom walls, and wash the floor to eliminate dirt and hair.

Cleaning Bedrooms And Living Areas

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  • Walls

Cleaning the walls of bedroom and living areas might take a little more effort as these are areas that get used the most. Walls that are free from significant flaws will look as good as new with just sugar soap.

  • Floor/Carpet

A mop and a good brand of tile cleaner easily fix stained tiles. However, carpeted rooms will require special attention and a little more effort. A vacuum cleaner is a great equipment to use on floors with carpets, particularly in areas that are dusty. Ensure you have an extra person to help with a carpet clean if you are doing it by yourself.

  • Storage

Sometimes wardrobes and cupboards suffer a termite attack. Assess the condition of your cabinets to know what measures to take. Clean inside and outside of the cabinet properly and fumigate where there is an infestation using the right chemical.

  • Extras

If the property has sliding doors, then the runners will also demand some special attention. Ensure ceiling fans are clean and functional.

Professional Bond Cleaning

Professional cleaners are properly equipped and have requisite experience to get the job done. During bond cleaning, professional cleaners focus on the areas that need special attention. Below is a cleaning checklist of the main areas that they cover.


Professional vacate cleaning of your kitchen will touch on these areas:

  • Cupboards inside and out
  • Surfaces, including counters
  • Built-in appliances like ovens, dishwashers, fridges, deep freezers and microwaves
  • Sinks, taps, cooktop, grill and cooking range
  • Windows, tracks, frames, door frames and fly screens
  • Floors


The bathroom is the most used room of any property. When assessing the quality of bond cleaning, real estate agents and landlords often check the bathroom. Cleaning experts focus on the following points when attending to your kitchen:

  • Sink, toilet, bath tubs, taps, mirrors and surface areas
  • Floor tiles
  • Removal of mould from walls, tiles, and ceiling
  • Shower curtains, shower doors, shower rails and enclosures

Other Rooms

Although the kitchen and bathroom are the main focus, hiring a professional means having all areas of the home cleaned properly. The professionals dust and wash all the surfaces, including doors, window frames and tracks. They clean all mirrors, wipe fans, dust air conditioning units and their filters. They also dust and clean skirting boards and vacuum carpets.

Outdoor Areas

Once the expert cleaner is satisfied that the interior of the property is clean, the next step is to clean outside. Outdoor features that they clean include the lawn, garage, pool, sitting area, laundry area and dustbins. The professionals will do the following:

  • Mow grass, weed and trim the edges
  • Clean the pool area, making it free from any debris or leaves
  • Sweep cleaning all the external areas
  • Empty and wash bins
  • Get rid of stains on the garage floor or drive way
  • Remove cobwebs

Get Expert Bond Cleaning Service

Bond cleaning, otherwise known as end of lease cleaning, requires that you remove all dirt, dust, rubbish, garbage and debris from the property you are vacating. Once bond cleaning satisfies the property owner, only then can you get back you deposit. It is a lot of work, but you can still achieve it with some help from an expert bond cleaning service such as Like Cleaning Services Group.

They are tried and tested, and are able to give your property the professional touch it deserves at a pocket friendly rate, so give them a call today!